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Today saw the release of Zulu X-Ray, the latest EP from GDD homies Zedex (formerly ZX). The young British house duo have put out a stormer of a record, featuring guest vocals from Brooklyn based label-mate Sam Wilkes. This week we caught up with Jamie Graham and James Trayford of Zedex to talk about their new release, recent name changes, and dancing dirty. Here’s how it played out…

GDD: Thanks for taking the time to chat guys. So starting from the top, how did ZEDEX come about?

James Trayford: We were at school in Peterborough together, but while there we’d both been playing in this electro-rock band called Cut This City, without much success. As our influences changed we started a side project, quickly becoming our main project, called ZX.

GDD: Why the recent name change from ZX to ZEDEX though?

Jamie Graham: People were complaining that they couldn’t find our stuff so we decided to make it more search engine-friendly. Zedex is way easier to google than the two letters of ZX…

JT: …plus we’re not as big as the games console or Citroen car yet!

GDD: What influenced your sound starting up, and who influences you now?

JT: We’d always been aware of the original french house stars, Bangalter, Modjo et al. , but it wasn’t really until 2007 with bands like Bag Raiders, Cut Copy, Van She coming out of Australia and the breakthrough of Justice and the Ed-Banger guys from France that we really got excited about electronic music. Fenech Soler, who come from a village near us were the only electro band to pretty much ever come from this area and supported us right from the start, letting us remix their track ‘LA Love’. They were pretty good mentors early on I guess. We’ve got a pretty wide range of musical influences spanning to rock bands like The Mars Volta and Deftones, or more experimental stuff like Brian Eno, and Danny Elfman.

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A couple of weeks ago, clips of Justice‘s new tune ‘Civilization’ went viral via the worldwide Adidas commercials. Only in the last few days however, has the tune been unveiled in full without the crowd noise and the visuals of Lionel Messi killing it. Striking while the iron’s hot, GDD™ homies ZEDEX have just sent over their banging, DJ-friendly rendition of the new Justice track. That’s yours to download in full 320, and you can stream the original which drops April 4th on Ed Banger:

Justice – Civilization (ZEDEX re-edit)

Justice – Civilization


GDD™ homies, and self-proclaimed “Maximalist House” duo ZEDEX have recently put the finishing touches to their forthcoming Zulu X-ray EP. The follow up to last September’s High Crimes release, it’s set to drop on Metamimetic this April, and believe me when I tell you: it’s an absolute monster of an EP. The track list’s below, together with a brand new remix they’ve done for their buddies Fenech Soler.

Zedex – Zulu X-ray EP (track list):
1. Zulu X-ray (ft. Sam Wilkes)
2. Ulysses
3. Kiss Me While I Love You

Fenech Soler – Demons (Zedex Remix)


What’s good Dirty Dancers?! It gives us great pleasure to announce our first ever European show, which we’re throwing in connection with Metamimetic at London’s legendary East Village on Friday 29 October! We’ve curated a lineup which includes very special friends, but also some of the freshest talent the electronic music scene has to offer. After all it’s Halloween, so the emphasis is on blooding new artists…

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This summer, GottaDanceDirty homie and Metamimetic label-mate Tre has been hard at work in the studio, putting the finishing touches to his debut EP: Donna. From Los Angeles, Tre’s live sets are epic affairs of heavy electro and dubstep; Control regulars will most likely have caught one of these spectacles in the Honey Lounge this year in support of acts like Simian Mobile Disco and Don Diablo. Tre’s unmatched charisma behind the turntables comes from several years experience as the frontman for a screamo punk band, and his instrumental EP is certainly influenced by this. Donna features 5 originals, including the reworked ‘Get Up’, a track that we featured back in February. Dubstep and classical influences are pretty resonant throughout, with a well rounded debut that is as raw and overdriven, as it is mellow and melodic. So get at it:

Tre – Donna (Full Zip: 68.7MB)

Tre – Terror (Original Mix)
Tre – Blue Eyes (Original Mix)
Tre – Get Up (Remastered)
Tre – Devil’s Cackle (Original Mix)
Tre – The Alchemist (Original Mix)

For all you UK based Dirty Dancers: this Wednesday we’ll be heading up North and laying siege to Leeds Cockpit where Metamimetic are hosting Room 2 at a new night called Drop The Phone. Sets come from ZX, Fazhands and yours truly, SweetFA. So roll through and say what’s up. In the meantime, here are a couple of tracks to get the Tech-House juices flowing for Fazhands’ forthcoming EP, set to drop in October:

Fazhands – Tumble Dryer (Original Mix)
Fazhands – Neptune (Original Mix)


Last Monday Peterborough synth-house duo ZX dropped their brand new High Crimes EP on Metamimetic. The three jam EP combines catchy licks with layered synthlines and Parisian filters which at times sounds refreshingly Ed Banger-esque. Giving the nod to a variety of genre including 80s synth-pop and new-wave, ZX have pioneered their own brand of maximalist house to great results. This is a solid debut EP from a pair you can expect to hear a whole lot more from.

If you’re London based, be sure to head over to the legendary Old Blue Last in Shoreditch on Friday 20th August, where you can catch ZX playing a live set alongside a stack of other artists including GDD homie Fazhands, to celebrate the UK launch of the Metamimetic label. In the meantime though, check out their EP as well as the firey Jupiter bonus track:

Last week saw the launch and first release from rookie label Metamimetic. In conjunction with the release of the indie-blues infused Sam WilkesBooth EP, we are running a remix competition for his track ‘Let Him Go’. You can find the stems and rules below. The winner will receive two passes to a Control night of their choice, a highly coveted GDD tee and sticker pack as well as being released via Metamimetic. We’ll also be posting honorable mentions on both Metamimetic and GottaDanceDirty.

Synth-house duo ZX have recently signed with Metamimetic and are set to drop their EP via the label on August 2. From Peterborough in the UK, their maximalist house sound has undertones of Oizo-esque synthlines; our buddies over at Too Many Sebastians compared their sound to early GRUM, but enough of that, let their music do the talking and take a listen for yourself.
Here’s their rendition of the new Wilkes track, you can find the stems below.
—> STEM PACKAGE <--- get ’em
1. Email entries to sweetfa@gottadancedirty.com no later than August 15th. Mp3s in 320 are best.
2. Track content will remain sole property of Metamimetic Records.
Good Luck!
Here’s an exclusive promo that won’t be featured on their forthcoming EP:
Huge fan of this tune; the sample from One Flew Over The Cuckoos Nest is BIG.
For more info on the label and to pick up a free copy of the brand new Sam Wilkes – Booth EP, visit: www.metamimetic.com