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indiana solo dancing

Really vibing on this one this morning. Nottingham singer-songwriter, Indiana, just unveiled her latest single, “Solo Dancing,” yesterday, premiering on Zane Lowe’s BBC Radio 1 show as his sought after “Hottest Record.” A beautiful slice of Electro-soul, Indiana’s relevant lyrics and effortless vocals pour out over dark, rolling synths creating a well-rounded crossover jam. If you happen to be in London, check out her set tomorrow night at Oslo.

An honor bestowed upon the hottest records at the moment has recently been awarded to Copenhagen’s crowning pop sensation, . Known for her powerful vocals and infectious dance records, she’s worked with the likes of Diplo, and made waves of her own with her last EP, “Bikini Daze.” This time around a freshmen LP is in the works, and it’s first single, “Don’t Wanna Dance,” is being heard around the world after BBC Radio 1 has given it the go ahead to rinse out to the world. It’s dance hall sound unites a room as atmospheric vocal breakdowns leave you in a dreamlike state. Look for her debut album on March 10th and be sure to pre-order if you’re really bout it bout it!

For anyone still hating on Skream because he’s not making only Dubstep anymore, shut up. Just shut the fuck up. His new track, “Rollercoaster,” just premiered today with Zane Lowe on BBC Radio 1, featuring Sam Frank and a vibe that is 100% fit for a cocaine-sponsored 80s roller disco. “Rollercoaster” illuminates two important things about Skream: 1) his inherent ability to accept inspiration from multiple sources and create music in all forms and 2) his ballsy-ness for just doing what he wants to do musically. Big up Ollie we’re down with it. √+

Photo Credit: Dope On Plastic
GDD™ homeboy Dillon Francis has been on an absolute tear since the start of 2011 and has shown no signs of slowing down at all. It all started with the release of his Westside EP on Mad Decent Records and he’s only continuing to grow. This past week his status as one of Electronic Music’s brightest rising stars grew even brighter; his remix of Toddla T’s track ‘Take it Back’ was proclaimed “the hottest track in the world” by BBC Radio 1’s Zane Lowe during his weekly broadcast. In celebration of this massive event, Dillon has decided to release the remix for free via his Soundcloud. Make sure you check it out; he truly is making some next level tunes.

Toddla T – Take It Back (Dillon Francis Remix) by DILLONFRANCIS