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A few weeks back, we featured a huge tune called “Dismantled.”  It’s producers, a duo by the name of Dimeuhduzen, are now back again with an entire EP.  It features three tracks — “Blvck Entities, Leather Gloves, Secret Society” — that all carry a crushing techno vibe.  These hectic tracks are also accompanied by a slew of remix support from Workerpoor, YB?, BS1, Freak Slaughter, Baroque, Automat, Beaumanoir, Tilaux and AUCAN.  The result is one great big mega-pack of dance floor heat.  Grab the whole thing on Beatport now!

Dimeuhduzen on Facebook | Soundcloud | Beatport

Our good friend and incredible lyricist, Louisahh!!!, just sent us over a pair of freebies that she put together with her pals David Carretta and Workerpoor for French imprint, Space Factory, and both are phenomenal, Techno bouncers. There’s something about Louisahhh!!!’s vocals over French Techno that seems to fit hand in glove. We approve.