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Just in time for another massive festival weekend here in LA, we offer up another giveaway from Whiskey Pete‘s label Switchblade, featuring the main stage worthy original “Nebula” by Rell The Soundbender & Savagez. Fans of the big room craze will be all over this one, so grab it below for free and support Switchblade Recs!

Switchblade Recordings on

Remember The Villains? Things have changed since the days of blog house and the indie-electro craze, and for Miguel De Vivo, the change has been embraced while still being influenced by his own origins to the scene… With the new alias AERIAL and fresh EP that just dropped this week on Whiskey Pete’s imprint Switchblade Recordings, we caught up with Miguel to talk about whats been up and what to expect from him in the future.


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This Thursday, EDM’s jack of all trades Whiskey Pete will be hosting his newly founded Switchblade Records launch party @ VERSUS – featuring DJ sets from big guns Will Bailey, Reid Speed and even a special guest. Opening the night will be Play Me Records prodigy Cykosis. Get ready to get live and loud.


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A producer, a vocalist, MC and collaborator – Whiskey Pete is a jack of all trades to electronic music. With releases on Ultra, Mad Decent, Dim Mak and many more, Pete’s widespread involvement in the scene just wasn’t enough. Pete teamed up recently with Kittie Brown and has officially launched the new label Switch Blade Recordings, aiming to seek out artists and producers that are “on the cutting edge of what will be the next big sound in electronic dance music.”

We had a chance to ask 5 big questions revolving around the label launch, and learned a lot more then we expected…

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EDC WEEK IS UPON US! After a wild one last thursday with AC Slater, this week @ VERSUS we get a little help from Whiskey Pete and Newestra.com to throw a PRE-EDC MOOMBAH-TAKEOVER, featuring chart topping LA natives Valentino Khan (Mad Decent), Paul Devro (Mad Decent), ETC!ETC! (Party Like Us), Frnch CNNXT (DANCEiSM), and LA Muerte (Newestra). Come out early and get your massive weekend started with a bassline (and Will Bailey‘s birthday party!) before we all head for the desert. !Vaminos!


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This week @ VERSUS we’re proud to be hosting the return of the LA duo Breakdown and their debut F_ckin’ Lose It EP on Vicious Recordings. On top of that, we’ll also be celebrating their own Josh David’s birthday, with longtime buddy and the infamous MC Whiskey Pete hosting the festivities all night long. Supporting sets will be provided by Check&Mate, MERRITT, and our very own Bones. Make sure to RSVP for this one pronto and get there early, as we will reach capacity!


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You could say that our friend Whiskey Pete feels safe around a microphone, a crowd, and a nice bottle of whiskey. He’s brought all three together for Volume 2 of his Hustle Harder mixtape series. Tons of Electro party anthems are loaded in this hour+ mix, so break out the beers, babes, and brown liquor and listen to some flows from our buddy, Whiskey Pete.

Whiskey Pete – Hu$tle Harder mixed by Urban Assault

1. Hu$tle Harder Intro/Tinie Tempah Bootleg
2. Whiskey Pete “Time to Thrash” (The Damn Bell Doors Original Mix)
3. Afterschool Special & Whiskey Pete “Full House” (Ryan Riback Remix)
4. Viro, Rob Analyze & Whiskey Pete “Limelight”
5. DJ Kue & Whiskey Pete “Disco shit”
6. Whiskey Pete & Sporty-0 “Heard of Us” (Scott Matelic Original Mix)
7. Whiskey Pete & Sue Cho “Holla If You See Me” (Gustolabs & KMFX Original Mix)
8. Ralvero & Whiskey Pete “Drunk Tonight” (R3hab Remix)
9. Whiskey Pete & Sue Cho “Let’s Get ill”
10. Santiago & Bushido & Whiskey Pete “Breathe”
11. Whiskey Pete “Party Chick” (Dj Icey’s Miami bass mix)
12. Oh Shit! & Whiskey Pete “Pushin Harder” (Dj Hero VIP remix)
13. Meax Green & Whiskey Pete “Meet Me On The Dancefloor” (Exodus, Lee Wise and Reepr Remix)
14. Curtis B & Whiskey Pete “Slam Dunk”
15. SoundPusher & Whiskey Pete “Wanna Get Next To You”
16. Breakdown & Whiskey Pete “Miami Bump” (TJR Remix)
17. Breakdown, Whiskey Pete & Stellar MC “Ice Cream” (Luvstuff Remix)
18. Aniki & Whiskey Pete “Put On Your Ravin Kicks” (Cold Blank Remix)
19. Curtis B & Whiskey Pete “Keep on Movin”
20. Liberty & Whiskey Pete “Thunderfist” (Trowa Remix)
21. Gigi Barocco & Whiskey Pete “Damn Girl”
22. Lazrtag & Whiskey Pete “Young Hollywood” (Curtis B Remix)
23. Dustin Hulton, KMFX, Whiskey Pete & Dchi “Get With The Program” (Calvertron Remix)
24. Figure & Whiskey Pete “Cut Throat”
25. Rusko “Everyday” (Netsky remix) Whiskey Pete Cali Sunshine Bootleg



Summer is now upon us so this means two things: get some sunblock and take a peek at Breakdown‘s new remix of Ralvero featuring Whiskey Pete’s “Drunk” out now on Vicious! Being inspired by fairies and alcoholism (or titties and bacon), Breakdown throws in a big, fancy buildup that drops into a super fat donkey punch of acid bassline. This tune is perfect for this season’s playlist whether you’re a big festival DJ or an awesome music lover! The remix is out now on Vicious along with the original and remixes by Rob Pix, R3hab & Ferruccio Salvo and Jesus & Sam! Also, to keep your heartrate up at the beach, Breakdown has included their fresh new, “It’s Summer Already?” Mix!

Ralvero Feat Whiskey Pete – Drunk Tonight (Breakdown Remix) by Breakdown

Breakdown – 2011 It’s Summer Already? Mix by Breakdown

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This June, Scion A/V and Dim Mak are hitting the road with a 17-date tour featuring 6 of Dim Mak’s most promising talents. They’ll be bussing all around the US, starting off June 6th in sunny San Diego, CA and finishing up in Phoenix, AZ on the 27th. For my fellow UCSB kids + alumns, you’d be happy to know that the name of this tour originates from Steve Aoki‘s famous apartment complex (dubbed ‘the Pickle Patch’) in Isla Vista while he was attending the most amazing/ridiculous college in the world.

All of the shows on the tour will cost $5 or less and will feature an interesting, genre-mashing lineup that will make each show as unique as the Dim Mak label. Head on over to the Pickle Patch website for tour dates in a city near you, and get this brand new exclusive from AutoErotique as well as a PeaceTreaty remix preview of Sporty O & Whiskey Pete that comes out tomorrow on Beatport!

AutoErotique – Freak (Gingy Remix) √+
Sporty O & Whiskey Pete – Heard Of Us (PeaceTreaty Remix) PREVIEW

PeaceTreaty @ The Graduate w/ Porter Robinson by Patch Werk



Now that everyone is finally recovering from Hard and this week has finally set into full speed I have some new tracks for all you kids to hear. Definitely a complete range of sounds for all of you out there. Going from some dubstep to disco to the classic electro banger sound to some fresh dutch house from one of the worlds top producers. Today’s post really has a little bit of it all.

DJ Sneak- Sourthern Girl (12th planet & Flinch Remix)
New remix off DJ Sneak’s new release by Scion. Another successful remix by this tag team remix team. Definitely highly recommended.

Yolanda Be Cool & Dcup- We No Speak Americano (High Rankin’s Bait Wobble Remix)
“Bored of a morning i decided to ask Twitter what i should do a cheeky bootleg of to give away for chuckles. Turns out they wanted a mix of No Speak Americano so i only went and bloody did one. Some people didnt quite get the joke but as i do so like to say, fuck um if they can’t take a joke. Here it is, enjoy :)straight from High Rankin’s twitter. Resulting remix actually is good. First and only dubstep mix I have heard of this song and I like it.

Congorock-Babylon (Fare Soldi – Babbylorso Remix)
*thanks to our friends @ Deathelectro
Nice disco twist to one of the biggest songs of the year. Fare Soldi is one of my favorite italian production duo’s out there. Definitely check out more of their stuff on their myspace if you have not already. Also deathelectro has an interview with them up now, go check that as well!

Aniki Ft. Whiskey Pete- Put On My Raving Kicks (Cold Blank Remix)
Another great remix from the LA based production duo Cold Blank. Check it out asap.

Dead Prez- Its Bigger Than Hip Hop (Sidney Samson Remix)
Last but not least a new track for all you dutch house fans out there. This one has all the classic feelings of a dutch house remix but at the same time goes heavier than most dutch house tunes ever dare.

Well check out these tunes and enjoy! Please support these artists further by going to beatport and checking out more their stuff!