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It’s another amazing round of hot new tracks courtesy of your boys Stevie Ewald + aRod.  And when we say hot new tracks, we mean it.  All ten tracks in The Dirt #151 are fresh out of the oven.  And the best part?  They’re all free for your taking.  A brand new remix by The Twelves (of The Knocks, no less!)…yeah, that’s in there.  New originals from Cyril Hahn, Gorgon City, Figgy & Cory Enemy?  Those are in there, too.  Plus heaters by our homies Panic Bomber and Huerta, Tchami, and a ridiculous  anthem by Mayhem, Antiserum, Gents & Jawns.

Get’em while they’re hot.

• aRod’s .Zip [5 Tracks, 48MB]
• Stevie’s .zip [5 Tracks, 52.7MB easy]

Stevie Ewald + aRod

It is rare that I stumble outside of my ‘disco’ realm, and even weirder when i fall into ‘progressive house’. Mainly because of the lack of creativity, the lack of funk, and serotonin builds and drops that are normally associated with the genre just seem cheesy to me. However, I met a new friend the other day who has shown me otherwise. Space Natives creatively blend a multitude of interesting sounds that culminate together like a magical puzzle creating a truly special vibe. They utilize a lot of extremely unique tones, almost experimental, yet it works. To me, they’re breathing new life into the genre, and its truly something worth appreciating.

Check out The Void, the premiere track of the galactic-ly fresh LA-based duo Space Natives. Don’t let the name fool you, this is a track bursting at the seams with reminiscent melodies, uplifting progressions and soaring retro leads that quickly combine into an all out banger. They have been nice enough to let this one go to the fans for free and it is quite the special treat. Be on the lookout for their killer live show along with an upcoming album released later this summer.