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Premiering here on GDD™ this morning is DC trio, Volta Bureau‘s, remix of our mate Goldroom‘s springtime tune featuring Mereki titled “Only You Can Show Me.” The original saw its release back in March on Vitalic Noise, and Volta Bureau have put together a great, funky rendition to switch up your tracklist for the summer. Grab it for free below.

Volta Bureau on:

Forgive me folks.  I’m a day late on posting Day 9 of our advent calendar.  The GDD Holidaze Party (also my birthday celebration) got the best of me.  The festivities on Saturday ran all the way into Sunday night, so Day 9 of the GDD Advent Calendar is happening on Day 10.

Our good friends over at Vitalic Noise have a super rad giveaway full of ultra chic, limited edition Vitalic Noise gear featuring several of their represented artists (and GDD favorites) Miami Horror and Viceroy.

One lucky winner will receive (1) Vitalic Noise T-Shirt, (2) Viceroy USB Memory Sticks, (1) limited edition Miami Horror “World Tour” White Tee by Hugo Boss and (1) signed copy of Miami Horror’s LP “Illumination”.  WOW!  Fun stuff! Winner will be announced later this week.

How to win:
Comment below, comment on the Facebook post or Tweet to us your favorite Miami Horror or Viceroy song or remix!  It’s that simple.  Bonus consideration points for those of you who tag Vitalic Noise and the artists and/or hashtag #GDDadvent and/or for sharing the Facebook post.  OK, have fun + good luck!

“Vitalic Noise represent a creative family of producers and artists living at the center of the ever-changing fashion forward music world – musical tastemakers in every sense of the world. Currently operating as ARTIST MANAGEMENT, PUBLIC RELATION SPECIALISTS, and EVENT PRODUCERS, you can rest assured that Vitalic Noise will always find itself as the hub of all that is happening in your city.”


Our friends over at Vitalic Noise have gifted something rather special for us today. It’s a mix-tape consisting of pretty much all unreleased gems by their star-studded cast of artists including: Miami Horror, Goldroom, Viceroy, DCUP, Grafton Primary, Knightlife, Chela, and Good Night Keaton. See if you can guess who’s who! Also, If you’ll be in New York for CMJ, be sure to check out the Vitalic Noise Showcase HERE.

If you are now a stranger to Zimmer, it will not be for long. The king of horizontal disco will soon be giving your girlfriend hard nips and make her hips move like the Caribbean Queen. His infectious beats are both soothing, yet funky, and are a breath of fresh air from the EDM norm. He is currently represented by North America’s premiere Disco label, Vitalic Noise, and has no plans of slowing down. I had a chance to kick it with him for a couple days and get the inside scoop on the future / past / and present of everything “Zimmer”. As an added bonus, he’s dropped off his newest mix tape and Horizontal Disco Remix Package which is incredibly amazing featuring the works of: Moullinex, Moon Boots, Broke One, Xinobi, Mercury, & Lou Teti.

Interview, Remix Package, & Mixtape After the Jump

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If you like your music toasty, funky, and feel-good, let me introduce to you Vitalic Noise’sZimmer.  Horizontal disco king & the sultan of smooth.  If you already know who he is, give yourself a pat on the back, you’re killing it.  His first EP entitled ‘Horizontal Disco’ came out on Discotexas a few months back and is nothing short of amazing.  His first remix ever he did for Moon boots of ‘Aretha’ is beyond amazing. Without further adu, here’s the tuneage.

Our friends over at Vitalic Noise have just released a mix showcasing the work of all the artists they represent which, to say the least, is a hell of a freshman class. These guys will be coming in super hot in the years to come, so keep an eye, and an ear open.

The Vitalic Noise Family Affair Mixtape by Vitalic Noise

Fare Soldi
Justin Faust
Edwin Van Cleef
Moonlight Matters
Geisha Twins
FM Attack