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From the depths of Los Angeles, the versatile #Future1Hundred DJ/producer Whiiite has taken the holiday spirit by storm with his annual Whiiite Presents Halloween bootleg pack. The bundle features hard hitting remix twists on classic Halloween theme songs, crossing genres from Dubstep, Trap, Electro, Downtempo, Melbourne, Bassline and more. This years class brings you the likes of Whiiite & ETC!ETC!, Peacetreaty, Kennedy JonesVictor Niglio, Vaski, James Egbert, JAUZ, Sullivan King, and DotCom. Best part of all, their all for FREE download – so pull out those candy bags and get to grabbing!

Whiiite & ETC!ETC! – Feed my Frankenstein
Jauz – Jaws Theme
Dotcom – Halloween Theme
James Egbert – Thriller
Victor Niglio – Ghostbusters
PeaceTreaty – Put a Spell on You
Sullivan King – The Exorcist Theme
Vaski – The Walking Dead

¡BONUS! Kennedy Jones – Monster Mash DOWNLOAD

Whiiite on

After releasing his remix of The Neighbourhood’s “Sweater Weather,” Vaski quickly follows up with a brand new original in collaboration with Betty Borderline on vocals. “Baddest” is a fusion of house and dubstep driven by a gritty bassline, tribal drums, and Betty’s call-to-action lyrics. Vaski continues on his venture in the more up-tempo realm without diminishing his bass-heavy roots. Purchase “Baddest” on Beatport and keep an eye out for a remix competition.

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In the midst of being support for Excision‘s Executioner tour, the rising bass music maestro, Vaski, flexes his multifaceted production expertise in his genre-bending remix of The Neighbourhood‘s “Sweater Weather.” He continues to push the boundaries of his own musical dexterity to innovate and grow as an artist – just as any true artist should. Enjoy his dubstep-influenced House remix and read a few words from Vaski himself.

“I found the original through related artists and was instantly hooked. It was one of those songs that I liked but I kept hearing things I thought they should do differently, so I started making an edit for fun, and it turned into a full remix. I haven’t done much at 128 but I’m really happy with how this turned out. Lately I’ve been chasing a certain sound with my production, and this remix is a sneak peak at what’s to come in the coming months.”

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After Vaski‘s recent success with “Insane” as a Hype Machine number one, he has come through with a cinematic visual representation of the infectious tune. The enthralling video goes through a storyline of a man who seems to have lost a lover, and his instability leads to jealousy fueled revenge on the other man who he was replaced with. However, there’s a twist towards the end that you would never expect. All the while these events unfolded, “Insane” was keeping an aggressive tone that fit perfectly with the vibe of the well-executed video. See it for yourself!

Follow Vaski:

The 22-year-old from Minnesota, Vaski, has been brewing things up in the studio with Ava, a talented vocalist who has worked with other top-tier artists such as Bassnectar and Lupe Fiasco. With production that rivals the very best in bass music, “Insane” is a massive dubstep track that stays true to its name, and there is no doubt that its meaning would be further reinforced in a live setting with a proper system. Also, Ava’s strong vocals on top maintains the pop sensibilities that will likely keep you coming back for more. Vaski mentioned that this tune is a “new direction” in the trajectory of his work, so we are looking forward to hearing what other excellent music he has in store for us. Be on the look out for the video premiere for this track here on GDD™ next Monday! Enjoy + ♥ on the Hype Machine.

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