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Chris Baio, bassist of Vampire Weekend, has just released his debut solo EP, Sunburn, this week on the mighty Greco-Roman imprint, and the 3-track release is blissful techy, tropical electronica in all its glory. Baio spent 2011 in a small studio in Brooklyn, taking influence from the urban culture around him which was projected into each of the three originals on Sunburn. He even teamed up with Chilean legend Matias Aguayo on ‘Tanto,’ where island-inspired percussion takes center stage and transports the listener to a mental paradise. √+ for this debut solo project. Looking forward to hearing the remix EP due out in July as well. Stream the entire EP and check out Chris’ solo tour dates after the jump. Continue Reading

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As a rule, I generally try to post songs for yall that are new to the blogosphere and haven’t been passed around like the hot new freshman from Texas with great tits and no gag reflex. However, I must say that when certain songs reach a specific caliber of awesomeness, I am forced to break my rule, alas, I must give props to our blog peers over at discodust for introducing SEAN ROMAN from Canada. Don’t expect big-room buildups or chainsaw synths here. Rather, Roman’s tracks exude panty-dropping sexiness. If you’re a opening DJ who properly does his job and doesn’t burn through every heater, then I strongly urge you to make these tracks staples in your sets. Looking very forward to his upcoming releases.

-sidenote for our Toronto homies-
I’ll be coming up for three shows next week. I know for sure Friday is at Mod Club, but will let you know where the other ones are at so you guys can show me how you party in the snow!

Sean Roman – Lick
Sean Roman – Phone Call

been really digging the new vampy wknd album
Vampire Weekend – White Sky