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This week we continue our series of exclusive giveaways: every first Wednesday of the month, Willy Joy  & Gotta Dance Dirty have teamed up to give you Free Willy Wednesdays! Each addition to the series gives you a new tune out of Willy’s vault. Some are remixes, some are bootlegs, some are 100% originals. Some of them you may have heard played by your favorite DJ or in an exclusive mix, but now they’re yours… for free!


For October, Willy gives us a dense re-edit of one of his favorite recent tunes, Unicorn Kid’s “Need U”. Where the original employs rolling drum ‘n bass beats and oldskool rave pads, Willy flips his version into a neck breaking half time beat with his signature massive bass sound, chopped vocals and flashes of reverb-drenched pianos. Make no mistake, this is one for the club!

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A young guy kicking up a lot of heat in the UK at the moment is eighteen year old Oli Sabin, who plays out under the pseudonym Unicorn Kid, and looks a little like third member of MGMT. Facepaint and rave attire aside, Edinburgh based Sabin has only been making beats for three years, starting at 15 on a Casio keyboard with a sequencer, he now produces some pretty unique 8-bit chiptune dubstep and glitch. Just recently signed to Ministry of Sound, Unicorn Kid’s latest single ‘Dream Catcher’ has been getting a lot of airplay, which is pretty dope, but I’m more for the remix of Gorillaz he’s just done. Check it: