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The longer I’ve known Boys Noize the more I’ve truly began to hone in on exactly how wonderfully awkward the guy really is… from his unibrow to his white pants to his weird instagrams and most recently his totally allovertheplace new EP (BTW you should really click on all those hyperlinks) that goes from Disco to straight up Hardstyle in one fell swoop. Since I pretty much base most of my humor off of awkwardness, obviously das German tekno god ya (that’s Boys Noize, duh) keeps a very close place in my heart.

Speaking of the new EP, although my personal favorite is with the raved-out “Push Em Up” – he’s just dropped the music video for the honorary disco tune of the Go Hard EP, “Starwin”. True to form, Boys Noize keeps it nice and campy with the video, chock full of some pretty tite rollerskate dance routines and (like all moments on the Venice boardwalk) a selection of interesting characters. Keep on keepin it weird, Alex… I and many of us love you for it.