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Alright you dirty dancers, It’s time for another exclusive interview, and just in time for the next installment of DANCEiSM, LA’s young voice of rad art & music (fresh ass electronic music to be exact). The DANCEiSM has crew has been cool enough to invite me to play at the event, along with Mad Decent’s own Paul Devro…and headlining will be DIM MAK’s own SonicC, All the way from Miami Flaaaareda! We have SonicC here today in another GDD exclusive interview…and if were lucky, maybe some exclusive tracks! 😉

Now, let’s welcome SonicC to ze internetz!

1. Alright, so, What should we call you? Sonic? Knuckles? Your real name?

Well, my first name is Anthony but you can call me Sonic See or just Sonic, or whatever name you want to make up, its just a name 😉

2. Your still under 21, and started producing when you were only 16 years old, did you DJ before than in Miami? Did you have local DJ heroes (no pun intended) that you used to go watch?

Well, when i started producing i was actually into trance (Sasha, PvD, Digweed, Oakenfold, ect.) and i couldnt really go out to see them but i used to listen to ALOT of trance dj sets by them and others.

3. Your originally from Miami, what kind of music did you grow up listening to and did the miami culture play some role in what kind of stuff you were into?

I grew up listening to a good mix of rock, jazz, and disco because of my parents and once i hit the teenage years i really got into hip hop, that was really the culture i was around at school so i just went with it.

4. When you first started making music, what kind of setup were you working with? Is it any different from what your using now? What programs do you use to produce and/or to DJ?

When i first started i just had an imac, ableton and thats about it. Now I use a macbook pro, my midi controller, and way more vsts, but the essential stuff hasnt changed really. I produce on Ableton exclusively now, as for DJing i use Serato.

4. You’ve recently signed with DIM MAK records, what was it like being approached by Aoki that he wanted you on board? Why did you decide to join DIMMAK over any other labels? Did you ever think your music would get so popular so fast?

Well my homie gave a couple tracks of mine to Aoki who had already started playing Stickin so when he emailed me i freaked out a bit since i was a big fan. I joined Dim Mak for my album because Steve was willing to give me alot of space creatively and time wise so i didn’t feel any pressure.

5. Now that your with DIM MAK, whats in store for SonicC? Any collaborations or remixes with other DIM MAK artists? Any tours or big events to come this year?

Yeah definitely, most of what is planned right now still need to be confirmed so I cant talk about it but lets just say i’m going to a different continent this year 😉

6. What artists/DJs are you into right now? What artists are major influences in electronic music for you and your style?

Well obvious influences are guys like Diplo, Laidback Luke, Afrojack, Chuckie, but im also very into Dubstep, Tech House, and Disco right now so youll be hearing some of that soon 😉

7. You’ve already worked with some huge names like Laidback Luke, Diplo and The Crookers…Who do you collaborate work with in the future?

This is a tough question because i would be open to so many different types of collaborations, I cant give you a specific name haha

8. Are you more of a producer who wants to make tracks that big name DJs will play and support around the world, or do you also enjoy DJing and being on the road? Is it hard juggling your work with any school or other things at home?

I enjoy producing more to be honest but Djing on the road is new to me so im still getting used to that but I enjoy it more and more every time i DJ. Well lucky for me my parents have been supportive so I dropped out of school and I hold a job as an afterschool care teacher with easy hours and always someone to cover for me so i cant say its been tough at all haha.

9. Your original track Stickin’ has undoubtedly been a huge aid in your young success… it’s swept the world (and the blogosphere) with so much support from other talented artists… How did you get the track to so popular? Was it through the blogging virus or by promos to other DJs? or magic?

I would call that track getting made and getting all the famous djs to play it a series of freak accidents, at the time i made it I had no idea what I was doing, thanks to the Laidback Luke forum i had learned enough to get lucky enough to make that track. And it really just got passed from DJ to DJ until it hit the blogs, then it exploded

10. Speaking of blogs, how do you feel about the internet as a source of exposing your music? Do you like having your music reach millions of people everyday for free? Or should we all burn for our music-stealing sins?

I download music off of blogs all the time but i’m not going to lie, its tough to be trying to promote it and get it to chart on beatport or whatever and then see it for free somewhere but as long as the music is getting played on dancefloors its all good.

11. Your playing DANCEiSM this Saturday @ The ECHOPLEX… have you been preparing to break the house down? Do you know how crazy its gonna be? Do you plan your sets out before you play or is it all on a whim?

I don’t practice djing much although i used to practice everyday and as far as planning stuff out goes, I usually make a playlist with stuff that I need or want to make sure i play that night to make sure i test out new stuff but other than that i try to play for the crowd.

12. What other tracks or artists are you supporting right now? Whos on fire?

Gotta give a shoutout to my 2 homies Digital Lab and Max Vangeli, both sick guys that get better every day, im also liking what Beataucue is doing, pretty much the same names here as the ones that I said influenced me musically.

13. What can 2010 expect from SonicC? Would you play at a ‘world’s last biggest festival’ being held in 2012 as the world was ending?

2010 is going to be crazy in so many ways, and hell yeah i would play there! I dont really buy into the whole 2012 thing though… but what a party that would be!

14. What words of advice to you have for those young producers out there who wanna live the dream, much like what your just now starting?? What’s it take?

Its really been alot of luck, meeting the right people, getting the stuff i made into the right peoples hands, ect. As long as you make good music it will happen for you, sometimes you just need a little patience but you’ll get there!

15. AND LAST BUT NOT LEAST…. Do you dance dirty?

NEVER! I’m a good catholic school boy. (that is true by the way haha)

Thanks alot for doing this Anthony, We admire your young talent and wish you the best of luck as you start your career as an electronic monster! Can’t wait to open up for you this Saturday night, its gonna be a wild one 😉

and SonicC was nice enough to send us two exclusive, unreleased tracks! TITS BANANAS!

ASAA 9-10
BONES 10-11
Paul Devro 11-12
SonicC 12-1
Robot Love 1-2

DANCEiSM is THIS Saturday, January 30th @ The ECHOPLEX, 1154 Glendale Blvd.


What else is am I gettin jumpy for in 2010? New albums from quality producers.

Our favorite super-fidget bros, The Crookers, are gettin ready to release their massive 20-track album Tons Of Friends, filled with fresh new whompers and amazing collaborations. I’m sure you guys already have the first single they released, BUT you know I got few new ones for ya here, featuring Coachella-confirmed Miike Snow and Iceland ruffians Steed Lord!

This year has a lot of promise with new names dropping the uncharted tracks we’ve been waiting for (///originals? yes.). BUT FOR RIGHT NOW…Our good buddies over at KidCityBlog are in the workings of their record label, and 20-year old Jason Sundstrom is the first of many this year to make some serious noise. With the release of ‘Generation’ EP next week, Kid City will have the full 4-track EP available absolutely free. We all win! You get fresh new jams, Jason gets a chance to make his name in 2010. Watch the fuck out for this guy. geezuz.

California – STAND UP. Claude VonStroke holds it down for you. His new album Bird Brain is harmonic piece of work, blending what sounds like if minimal, house, hip hop, tribal (and a bit of jazz) were trapped in his San Francisco studio. The entire album is filled with melodic and hypnotizing tracks, These are some of my favorites because they really sound like if the golden state or the bay area specifically could voice their beat. Coming off the Limited-Album release, they are in extended DJ versions. Enjoy.

Claude VonStroke – Bay Area (DJ Version)

¡BONUS! My personal favorite track of the album:

So tonight is the night Los Angeles, HARD presents Deadmau5 Live, with serious openers Moderat & Tiefschwarz, and of course our friend and HARD owner, Destructo. Santa Monica was not ready for what tried to happen yesterday at the Apple Store on the Promenade, and over 400 people turned out for what was to be an itunes InStore live set… unfortunately the crowds scared the other bitch ass stores on the block, leading to major LAPD and LAFD resistance as a riot just about broke out after they closed the doors at roughly 200 lucky (bastards) fans! The show is sold out tonight at the Palladium, with over 3500 expected for the ‘mau5. Cheeeezuz.

Deadmau5 ghost n stuff from cigarick on Vimeo.

I betcha don’t have ALL these either….


Now i know there are a ton of posts on phoenix – lisztomania circling in the blogosphere, but this song is really too excellent to pass up on. In my humble opinion, the best lisztomania remix, with classixx version not falling far behind. This is the pinnacle of indie electro and a rare occasion where the remix is better than the original.

Phoenix – Lisztomania (Holy Ghost Remix)

pic: 8mts
For those of you who haven’t been living under a rock, you’ve probably swayed your head to Soulja Boyeee’z newest top40 tune “Turn My Swag On”, but what we have here is a dope makeover compliments of NYC dj/producer Sammy Bananas and Maggie Horn. The duo call themselves Telephoned, and after hearing this remake, you’ll be phoning your friends to get hip to this, because it goes from pop->rap->dubstep(kinda) and back again. Crank those windows down and blast the volume, you’ll be the keul kid on the block fasho.
.Telephoned – Turn My Swag On (ft. Telli Federline)

Whenever the likes of Moby, Daft Punk, Radiohead, or Chemical Brothers drop an album its fucking very important I stop life and listen. Moby’s New album is entitled wait for me, and will drop on June 30th. He has been nice enough to set us up with a free download of the first single along with a music video directed and drawn by david Lynch.

also, this album is supposed to be very organic, all homemade. Its all mainly recorded at home with friends (not rockstars) and all the album art was done by moby himself with a sharpie and copy paper…what a pimp!

MP3 Download here

Shot In The Back Of The Head from Moby on Vimeo.

The god father of indie disco house, and no post on GDD about him yet? What makes him truly awesome is that he is a new york new yorker, and gives americans a great name in the world’s electro scene. The music is groovy and high-spirited, gotta love that. Be sure to check out Juan’s website here, he’s quite the diversified individual.

The Juan Maclean – “One Day” from Patrick Longstreth on Vimeo.

Juan MacLean – Happy house
Juan MacLean – My Time is Running Out
Juan MacLean – One Day (Surkin Remix)

Don’t miss Juan MacLean at the Avalon on June 5th!
for full concert listings check out his myspace here