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So with The Dirt 17 I humbly offer you my hand for a midnight voyage through the desert of hyperreality.  Equal parts party, bass and strange you may encounter new sensations previously unfathomed.  Hopefully you’ll leave inspired, scared and smug satisfied with yourself, get it into you, buy the ones you like in full quality.

• .zip folder (all 15 tracks)

Daft Punk – Derezzed (NTEIBINT Remix) √+
This was check plus’d before I’d even heard it.  In short, it’s perfect.  Not sure if this is the actual leak or not but this is their latest from the Disney’s Tron soundtrack.  UPDATE: This is We heard this in the Tron promo / Derezzed music video recently, saw it posted on Vacay and tracked it down via SpotHeads.  As Daft Punk are the primary reason my life is now dedicated to electronic music (+ I’m a Disney shareholder) here it is in low preview quality.  Be sure to purchase the digital release of this in full quality when it comes out.  Oh and be sure to nab a ticket to the most expensive IMAX theater you can find, this $35,000 street legal lightcycle and fresh pair of Hurley Tron boardshorts + Tron Oakleys at this pop up shop coming soon to Culver City. And this Tron high heel by Jerome C. Rousseau.

• Justin Martin, Ardalan – Mr. Spock (Original Mix) √+
You know by now that techy weirdness is no stranger to the GDD Tribe post midnight but hearing this on proper system at Control’s Halloween Party damn neared grooved my tut headdress + sunnies off.  Nonchalant, thick and dynamic, best of all it samples Drop It Like It’s Hot in perfect taste.  Try to keep a floor empty with this one on, it’s all over the place.

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To keep the ghostly grooves going into the next week, LA gets a real treat as Ghostland Observatory rolls into town for two days of rockin lazer vibes @ Club Nokia downtown. To top it off, the boys are coming off last week’s release of their new full album Codename: Rondo. Trust me, if you get down to the Ghostland, your gonna love their new work, I’ll let you in on two my favorite jams on the album. Get funky in the dark to these you dirty dancers.

Ghostland Observatory – Give Me The Beat √+

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Nightbreaker is an act that up until a few days ago  I did not know even existed. Even now that I have been introduced to him, I still cannot seem to find much background information on him or who he is. All i have been able to find is that he is from the U.K. and that he just released a 3 song E.P this past month on Juno records. His EP is a piece of work you definitely should not miss! It has all the sounds of Boys Noize dark techno mixed with a heavier Haezer-like ‘banger’ sound.

Here is his title track off his newest EP:

Nightbreaker – Tokamak

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So after a day of recollecting our hearing and visual memory from an incredible Halloween weekend, we recap on the best moments of the once again amazing Hard Haunted Mansion. The 2 day sell-out fest had crowds swarming each night, but I did my best to catch a least a bit of each act’s set so I could report back the juice. Saturday definitely got packed quicker but the lines seemed to move pretty fast getting in. Sunday was for the die-HARD fans (pun intended) as lines seemed to takes years to move. However, dirty dancers in the know got a real treat just a few blocks away … the most epic after-party you could hope for.

Off the bat Busy P got the night started for us, throwing down all the exclusive new tunes (in a Jack Skellington skull head) you could ask for. With Mr. Oizo and SBTRKT having to cancel (due to visa issues), Diplo answered the call and filled in as a surprise guest for Oizo’s slot. Although many wanted to see the Halloween weirdness of the Ed Banger mystery man, Diplo held it down pretty well and got the main stage crowd groovin’ fast, playing everything from new Mumbai Science to California Swag District – it was a Mad Decent set for sure. Crookers then followed and opened big with their recent remix for Faithless’ ‘Tweak Your Nipple’ (find that below). After a fun filled set of classic Crookers jams and their newer favs, Rusko followed with a high energy set that brought his heavy anthems full force among the warm October night.

What’s up dirty dancers?  My name is Travis (aka TRE) and for the most part I will be providing you with all your dubstep goodies and everything else that carries a massive and/or hectic bassline.  So I hope you kids enjoy, have a dirty Saturday night!

This is exactly what you want from Borgore. The man is like a fine wine and seems to develop more and more with every new track he puts out.  This track offers more than enough to turn the dance floor into a brutal mosh pit.  What I find particularly impressive about this track are its melodic elements.  Borgore seems to really be exploring new ground, while at the same time staying true to his evil roots—it sounds magnificent.
I’ve been listening to this monster all week and I swear it cannot be played out; Nero has done it again.  This tune is massive, heavy, catchy and perfectly balanced with a drop guaranteed to get you on your feet.  Prepare yourself for this on repeat.  Not a bad opener, either.
Here is another take on Plan B’s The Recluse, this remix is carries a much more feel good liquid funk vibe, which is always refreshing.   Netsky has been blowing up lately and this remix is a good example why.   What I personally like about this track is that the bassline has a great wobble but is not the main attribute of the track.   Seriously grab this guy cause its fire!
Can Doctor P do no wrong?  This thing is an intricate beast that will lay waste to even the most stubborn dance floors.  Like Borgore, Doctor P is certainly exploring new sounds and getting away from his signature high-pitched wobble.

*All tracks in 192 kpbs


For any of you dirty dancers on the westside of Los Angeles…

Tomorrow night @ Twelve & Highland in Manhattan Beach – Whats Good With It is throwing a little shin-dig with a few local deviants, transforming the swanky beach lounge into a bass heavy bunker. Drinks all around? You bet. I’m anxious to see what happens when college crazies, local alcoholics, South Bay cougars and divorcees mix into one dance floor. Things are gonna get a little dicey. Fantastic.
Can’t make it? Here’s some solid tunage from Germany’s nightcrawler:


In preparation of our head wear collaboration, Gotta Dance Dirty has teamed up with our friends over at Ampal Creative to bring you a bi-montly collaboration of music downloads that move us.  The Ampal Creative is a cap collection inspired by Southern California Summers, long days in the sun, surf trips to baja, and warm boozy nights at the beach.  The entire collection is made in Los Angeles from premium chambrays, denims, and corduroys sourced from these parts.  It is Distinguished headwear for gentlemen of leisure and the ladies that intrigue us.  Enter the Golden state of mind.  We’re taste-makers for today’s tomorrow.

The Wave consists of hand-picked gems that inspire us, tickling and tempting our creative juices.  Some are old, some are new, but it is what we are listening to now.  They are groovey, flowing, and sun-kissed just like that perfect wave.  They are uplifting and guaranteed to put a smile on your face.  They sound the best with a babe in one hand, a cold brewski in the other, and the sand beneath your feet.  Stay Dreamy.

Waves ≠ Raves Vol. 1

Aeroplane – Superstar
Miami Horror – I look to You (ft. Kimbra)
Royksopp – This Space
Human Life – In it Together (Kris Menace Remix)
Groove Armada – I Won’t Kneel (Beaumont Remix)

Coming Soon! GDD x Ampal Creative headwear, but until then, check out a rad video featuring how these caps are made!

The Ampal Creative – Made in LA from Ampal Creative on Vimeo.

If these lids are good enough for  Weezy, 12th Planet, and JFK of MSTRKRFT, id say they’re good enough for me.

The crew took off for Vegas again but as everyone knows, a true sneevs prefers filth over sin so I decided to hold down The Penthouse for the sole purpose of bringing you The Dirt.  As a matter of fact, today I bring you our eighth installment, which means today marks two months of The Dirt.  And a terrific two months it has been!  We always appreciate your input so be sure to leave us a comment if you have any feedback or would like to suggest bits of dirt for next week.

• .zip file (all 11 tracks)

• Gyptian – Hold Yuh (Major Lazer Remix)
• Crookers – Cooler Colour feat. Yelle (AC Slater Remix)
• Starkillers – Bitch Ass Trick (Original Vocal Mix)
• Jazzbit – Sing Sing Sing (Yolanda Be Cool & DCUP Remix)
• Technotronic – Pump Up The Jam (Dimitri Vegas & Like Mike Crowd Is Jumping Remix)
• Prodigy – Smack My Bitch Up (Max Vangeli & AN21 Bootleg)
• Mumbai Science – Ancova (Dry Edit)
• Art vs. Science – Magic Fountain (DCUP Remix)
• Popof – Blow Me Down (Original Mix)
• Paul Chambers – Yeah, Techno! (Soulwax Mix)
• DJ Fresh – Gold Dust (Flux Pavillion Remix)

The dirt is our weekly wrapup of our favorites for this week, ready to burn to CD and accompany you on your (very imminent) weekend voyages into unseen new dimensions of party. We give you a blend of the big tunes we’re digging and playing out as well as a few secret weapons and classics we’ve dug out of the exclusive GDD stash for you, zipped for your convenience. Our way of saying thanks for being with us this week and our very best to your weekend. The Dirt is available for you to repost to your blog, website or publication and is currently being guestposted on a number of other publications including BroBible.com. Email stevie [at] gottadancedirty.com and we’ll add you to the partnered blogs list and set you up with the full, ready to repost package.

Previous weeks:

The Dirt: August 12, 2010


sneevs, ///BONES & troy kurtz

no #teamrusko feud jokes from me today, this sounds pretty serious.  what do you think about the decision to cancel nearly three weeks of shows?  any updates?

whilst performing onstage at the 9:30 club in Washington DC, @deadmau5 collapsed, suffering exhaustion and vomiting. Medics at the venue took him directly to hospital where he is now under supervision.”

“deadmau5 is sad to advise his fans that on the strict advice of the doctors, he now has no choice but to cancel the next 9 shows of his Summer tour schedule to allow for his recovery. The dates affected are listed below.”

“Deadmau5 hopes to reschedule appearing in these cities in due course but in the meantime thanks all his fans for their understanding and support.”

-deadmau5 management

  1. August 1st Osheaga Music & Arts Festival, Montreal Canada 
  2. August 7th Summersonic Osaka Japan 
  3. August 8th Summersonic Tokyo Japan 
  4. August 12th Cream at Amnesia Ibiza 
  5. August 13th Cocorico Riccione Italy 
  6. August 14th Papaya Summer Festival Croatia 
  7. August 15th Sziget Festival Budapest Hungary 
  8. August 17th Cavo Paradiso Mykonos Greece 
  9. August 18th Opium Mar Barcelona Spain



Prince Terrence, the kid who is known primarily for bangin the drums for artists such as Santigold and Major Lazer, as well as being a staple in the grungy NYC divebar cool kid scene, has started Hussle Club (your new favorite band, or at least your future girlfriend’s) With an arrogantly long title, the track ‘I have high expectations…’ has this danceypunk attitude that describes our rebellious lifestyles so well without being cliche, and Felix Cartal absolutely murked the remix.

Hussle Club – I have high expectations for what I want to be but in the mirror I don’t see them staring back at me
Hussle Club – I have high expectations for what I want to be but in the mirror I don’t see them staring back at me (Felix Cartal Remix)