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pic: DNA Imagery

Thanks again to twitter, I stumbled upon the new LMFAO single featuring Lil’ Jon that debuted today on Southern California’s Power 106 radio station. Now I’ve always had a soft spot for LMFAO’s tongue-in-cheek lyrics and uptempo beats, but after one dose of its nauseatingly repetitive chorus, I realized that “Shots” sacrifices the lolz to be a serious club anthem and is a sharp departure from their previous material. Sorry fellas, but if the rest of your new album, “Party Rock,” is going to sound like “Shots,” then count me out.
Readers, can you back me up on this one, or am I just sippin’ on that Haterade?
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Many of my friends involved in music have been slow to join facebook and resistant to sign up for twitter, but I use both of these services to discover new music. First, Tommie Sunshine, the godfather of the indie electro remix and Gotta Dance Dirty™ follower, has been updating his twitter every time he uploads a free remix to soundcloud. I can’t get enough of this collaboration with Toronto’s Barletta that he uploaded almost a month ago.

Earlier today, Breakdown’s Josh David invited me to join the Bass Weazal facebook group that sent out a mass message containing this fidget face-melter. Am I hearing samples of “Welcome to Jamrock” and “Pump up the Jam”?
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