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Satisfy your ghoulish curiosity with this sublime cinematic makeover of Feist’s ‘Graveyard’ by my very favorite… TRUST.  Preaching necromancy spells, Feist’s ghostly vocals flow in perfect harmony with this gloomy beat full of soothing wet synths.  If you haven’t heard Trust’s self-titled album debut, check it out here… if you know whats good for you.  Free download this little gem below.


☯ tamarasky

There’s something strikingly original about Toronto’s music that is heavily influenced by New Wave, Goth and Rave.  The latest addition to this movement is Arts & Crafts synth-pop duo TRUST, formed by Maya Postepski (one-third of the band Austra) and Robert Alfons.  Last month they debuted their first full-length album titled TRST , which is an all around solid production.  Even though their sound is more introverted & cold-wave influenced, a comparison with Crystlal Castles must be made.  Continue Reading