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The Fixtape series by Solé Bicycles is quickly becoming a staple as a go-to for monthly mixtapes. The tasteful selections of artists amongst the moniker, “Music to ride off into the future to,” is right up our alley. Previous Tapes have included Tropicool & Treasure Fingers and although this tape series is young, we believe it to prosperous and keep you grooving for a while. This month’s timeless selections come from none other than Portland based RAC. They seamlessly create a beautiful flowing atmosphere with that classic RAC touch.

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It’s the week we celebrate our independence in America, but more importantly to you dirty dancers – its one of the biggest weeks of electronic music events. Don’t think just because you’re not going to Vegas for an overpriced pool party that you can’t have an epic weekend… this Thursday, we’re kicking things off with a summer-vibed lineup @ VERSUS with DJ sets by Steffi Graf, Bixel Boys, Junkyard, and GDD’s own sun-kissed residents aRod and Tropicool. So Los Angeles, you have plenty time left in your life to overpay for bottle service and wear collared shirts – this holiday weekend you need to keep things local and get your West Side groove on. This event will reach capacity so please RSVP and arrive early to guarantee entry!

RSVP HERE for FREE entry before 11PM.

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A mermaid named Goochanna arose from Poseidon’s Palace off the coast of Bali armed with nothing more than a saxophone, steel drums, monstrous boobs, and thunderous sex appeal. The indigenous people began to gather around staring at the spectacle in awe. She wrapped her lips around the conch horn and begun to blow. The mountains and waters shook like a stripper’s butt in Tiajuana. The people were frightened, but could not look away; How could they? Panic started to spread and blood began to boil. Then there came distant sounds, and an eerie glow arose above the horizon followed by a DMT-like nirvana. Some called it divine-intervention, some called it God’s Will, and some called it Tropicool‘s Gooch Tape Number 5.

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As if the energy of EDC weekend wasn’t enough, the LA-based hooligans behind No Shirt No Shoes have joined forces with GDD, Undefeated, Sol Republic, Hype Beast and Ampal Creative to bring you NS/NS: ¡VIVA FROTH VEGAS¡ @ The Hard Rock Pool. The pool party splashes into town on Friday with an All-Star lineup of favorites Bag Raiders (dj set), Classixx, Poolside (dj set), Bixel Boys, plus our very own Bones and Tropicool. Amidst the neon, fist pumping and testosterone, we are happy to bring you the frothy LA alternative to the Las Vegas pool party. See you guys there!



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If you know any of us personally, you know that Mylo is one of our all time favorites.  The infectious groovy, funky, and always fresh material has some of the longest shelf-life I’ve ever experienced up there with the likes of Daft Punk & The Chemical Brothers.  I’ve been itching to post this track for so long, as It’s been my favorite of the new year, but under strict order from Sir Mylo himself it was only to be used in my Gooch Tape #4, until NOW!  His remix is part of the M83 – Reunion Remix Package, and this is quite the match made in heaven.  Now lets hope Mylo and M83 have a “reunion” of their own and continue to make beats together!

Internet radio is tricky when it comes to mixes.  Who gets paid what royalties, how much are they paid, and how do we know which songs are used in the first place?  Other streaming platforms have failed to address these concerns around long-form digital content, but Thefuture.fm has a solution.  They’ve created MixSCAN which does exactly what the name implies: analyzes the mix and marks each individual track.  Get the world’s top DJs to curate the content, and you’ve got what could be the solution DJs have been waiting for.  We’ve of course got mixes from GDD™ up as well, check out what our mixes look like on the platform, courtesy of BONES, aRod, Tropicool and Burn Unit.

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We’ve got a frothy lineup for all of you in Los Angeles this Thursday at VS with Mighty Mouse coming all the way from London to headline alongside our buzzing buddy from San Francisco, Viceroy. Sun-kissed jams will also be provided by Waves≠Raves master, Tropicool, and an opening set by Surf Ambassador Hendo. If you’re not in Miami, you need to be here.


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“The waves ≠ raves consists of hand-picked gems that inspire us, tickling and tempting our creative juices. Some are old, some are new, but it is what we are listening to now. They are groovey, flowing, and sun-kissed just like that perfect wave. They are uplifting and guaranteed to put a smile on your face. They sound the best with a babe in one hand, a cold brewski in the other, and the sand beneath your feet. Stay Dreamy.”

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The Dirt #61 is brought to you by Tropicool + aRod.  Expect a heavy dose of rooftop sunset vibes + beach haus grooves courtesy of Plastic Plates, Moon Boots, Gigamesh, Beni, Cosmic Kids and…Phil Collins (and many more!).  It’s a dozen disco-filled donuts, all available for your downloading pleasure (via the GDD™ Facebook page)!  Dig in…

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Our friends Pharao Black Magic just sent over their radical and quirky remix of Shindu’s new single, ‘All In My Fridge,’ and it has besides being on repeat, it’s found a spot in my newest Gooch Tape. If you are unfamiliar with Pharao Black Magic, clean out your ears and dive deep into their Soundcloud. You’ll thank me later. They could very well be the best thing to come from Switzerland since fondue. Their sound is deep, yet tropical & mysterious, laced with silky smooth vocals. Sounds like quite the recipe for a magical auditory love child.

Shindu – All In My Fridge (Pharao Black Magic Remix) by Pharao Black Magic

As an added bonus, check out the Wintermix. Beautiful vibes.
Pharao Black Magic – Winter Mix by Pharao Black Magic


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