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If your Summertime is filled with naked Sundays, sexy pillowfights, sunbathing topless on an exotic vacation or just feeling sexy while doing (and wearing) nothing at all, then FORTY SEVEN MINUTES IN HEAVEN is the mix for you.  From new wave R&B to sunset disco to deep house, this mix will set your Summer mood right.  ENJOY

***Extra special shout out + thank you to:
Stefan Merriweather [http://stefanmerriweather.com/]
Laura Ava [http://instagram.com/laura_ava]
…for their fantastic collaboration on the cover art photo.***
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I had a chance to swap back and forth a few questions with Aussie mysterious wonder kid, Touch Sensitive this past week, hoping to learn more about his emulating elusiveness. Turns out he’s quite a cool cat, humble, and has a passion for music that is truly breathtaking.  With massive releases such as ‘Real Talk’ & ‘Pizza Guy’, Touch Sensitive has enjoyed his time on the top of the beatport charts, but now its time dive into the deep end, and learn a little more about the man behind the music.

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Future Classic‘s own, Touch Sensitive isn’t a sound, it’s a feeling. It’s served frothy, always smooth, and imported strait from down under. With a wardrobe only to match the intricacy of his sounds, a beautiful music mosaic is formed. Ascending and descending melodies paired with funky bass will have you cruising in the sun-kissed rays in no time. It’s time to eat some pizza, get sensitive, see sounds, and listen to colors because when this tape is over, you’ll swear you might have drank a little too much of that serotonin smoothie.

Oh, did i forget to mention this is the solo project of Mikey from Van She?

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Cassian is a name that most of you have become very familiar with here at GDD. This Auzzy and his insatiable dance music groove’s have consumed our attention in the form of a guest mix, and pretty much anything else his name is associated with.  Anna Lunoe is a fellow mate from down under, and Touch Sensitive brings some Scotland vibes into this melting pot of a track.  This particular remix has that four on the floor beat we have all come to know and love, along with some deep synth lines that bring it more into the realm of deep house.  The original production was released on March 18th through Future Classic Records, but Anna Lunoe and Cassian have chosen to release this remix as a free download, so be sure to cop it while it’s hot!


Anna Lunoe & Touch Sensitive – Real Talk (Cassian Remix)

There are two reasons why I am posting this track today.  First, because “Real Talk” is a highly addictive Summer anthem that I have become completely obsessed with (and surely you will, too, if you haven’t already).  And second, I’m posting this as a shout out to Anna Lunoe to let her know that her music is everything that is right in dance music (as opposed to the lesser of right in dance music, like not getting to DJ at your own Hollywood gig because the club just announced that some celebrity DJs are replacing you).  But do not fret…I shant be ranting about the Drais fiasco.  I’m just here to give some real talk on “Real Talk” & stay focused on what’s good.

With a production tag team of Anna Lunoe & Touch Sensitive (aka Michael Di Francesco of Van She), you knew something special was brewing.  “Real Talk” is a gigantic slice of proper house music with hypnotic vocal stabs and piano for days.  It starts off deep & pulsating then builds and builds into a massive Summer dance party anthem.  There’s so much feel good throughout this song that it’ll make you forget about all the other black-eyed bullshit in life and remind you to just dance.

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