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The technology has always been there, in fact, festivals like Coachella and Bonnaroo have been using it for years, but Electronic Nation, with the help of Intellitix and Greencopper, seeks to enhance the framework they’ve already laid out with their own Digital Dreams Festival app. Apps are becoming increasingly popular amongst the larger festivals, and for good reason. With large crowds comes greater threats to security. The less you need on you, the more secure your festival experience is. But it goes much deeper than that. The experience your are soon to share with thousands of people can be better improved by creating connections, to the artists, to other patrons, and with the festival itself. So what exactly makes the Digital Dreams Festival app a stand out in it’s category?

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Toronto’s Poupon was called upon to remix the theme song from the new computer animated film Rio 2. The remix EP just dropped this week on Atlantic records, and the prospect of doing a remix for a big label/children’s movie might seem a bit daunting, but Poupon stayed true to his guns and smashed it with sophisticated vocal chops, warm keys and classy low-end to keep it knocking. You can pick up the release on Beatport or iTunes.

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Sean Roman has been kind to GDD™ for many years. During our December Advent, he gave away a banging EP, and today he’s lacing us with a thumping booty bass refix of DJ Spinn & DJ Rashad’s classic record ‘Girls Bust Down‘. Find the download and some of Sean’s plans for 2013 after the jump.

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There’s something strikingly original about Toronto’s music that is heavily influenced by New Wave, Goth and Rave.  The latest addition to this movement is Arts & Crafts synth-pop duo TRUST, formed by Maya Postepski (one-third of the band Austra) and Robert Alfons.  Last month they debuted their first full-length album titled TRST , which is an all around solid production.  Even though their sound is more introverted & cold-wave influenced, a comparison with Crystlal Castles must be made.  Continue Reading

I caught myself casually driving around Miami last weekend. The sun was out. The weather was warm. Girls were still walking around in bikinis and anywhere else in the world, you’d suspect it was summer. I had just burned the new Hot Waves compilation and had nothing to do. A Sean Roman track started to play, and I paused. Ever since the first email I got from him a few years ago, I knew his sound would eventually hit. I got home from my drive and summoned him to do a mix for us, and of course he obliged. His mix sounds so current, full of super compressed basslines and extremely swung hi-hats that fit so well and grooves that just go on and on. It really is a wonderful mix to drive to. He has an EP coming out on Miguel Campbell‘s label Outcross, as well as an EP for Neim Records. Sean Roman is going to have a great 2012.
Sean Roman – Gotta Dance Dirty Mix by seanroman

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For most, Summer is here. Whether that means no school, summer school, no job, summer job, pool parties, or more parties, we welcome this season with open arms and suntan lotion. Toronto based  Jeremy Glenn might not get as glorious rays as you SoCal babes, but he’s a huge supporter of maintaining Summer vibes. Why? Because he realizes that you’d much rather spend your money on piña coladas instead of mp3s, so he’s giving away his sun-drenched track ‘New Life’ for free. If you muster up the spirit, you should purchase his EP which comes out on Future Classic Records out of Australia on June 20th.

Jeremy Glenn – New Life by future classic

The influx of good music I mean really, really good music coming from Canada of late has been pleasantly overwhelming. With the recent success of up and comers like Azari & III, John Roman, Jacques Greene, and Prince Club, I’m reintroducing Toronto based producer Sean Roman. After falling in love with his tracks ‘Phone Call‘ and ‘Lick‘ last year, I’m glad to give you guys another dose of his quality dance/disco/house tunes. Having been working with the Top Billin’ label, he’s had support from the likes of Lee Foss and Wolf + Lamb. Perhaps my favorite of the batch of tracks he sent me though is one from his side-project called White Lions called ‘I Need A Rhythm’. JACKIN. JACKIN. JACKIN.

Sean Roman – You So Shy (Original Mix)

Glass – Let Me Feel Your Heartbeat (Sean Roman Edit)

White Lions – I Need a Rhythm (Original Mix) √+

White Lions – H-Job (Original Mix)

Why am I leaving the comfort of 75 degree Miami weather for the arctic tundra (aka Toronto) — because I know you Canadians love to get dirty, of course! Thursday night we’ll be terrorizing a little soiree known as ‘dance like you fuck’ and Friday night we’ll be getting all kinds of mega at MOD. Hope to see you there! Stalk THE OVERTHROW on twitter and feel free to throw snowballs at us if you can. Just be prepared for our retaliation.

Sigma – Paint It Black <---- drum&bass nomnom*

*tune that doesnt deserve to be wedged between shitty mashups on hype’s (not so)popular chart