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LDN, this Friday our friends at Metamimetic are teaming up with sister label WotNot to takeover the decks and MPCs at the City Arts & Music project in London. The two labels have curated an impressive lineup of friends and family, bringing together some of London’s freshest talent in beats, bass and house music. Friday will also see a debut from Fazhands’ new sideproject with Tiny Giant: Nicolas + Cage.

Entry’s Free, so arrive early to avoid disappointment.

Streets of Beige
Nicolas + Cage (Metamimetic)
Tim Parker (YSK)
Boa Boa (Dark Party)
JJ Mumbles (WotNot)
Jesta (Fidget
Simon O’Brien w/ Nadina (E3/FBJ)
Hosted by Sinna G & Charo

Listing Info:
Friday 10th June 2011 // 10pm-4am
THE CAMP (City Arts & Music Project)
70-74 City Road, London, EC1Y 2BJ

Entry: FREE

Much Love,

In August, we threw a remix competition in conjunction with the release of Booth, the debut EP from Metamimetic artist and GDD homie, Sam Wilkes. We received a grip of entries, and have thoroughly enjoyed listening to them all – there were some really sick submissions, but there could only be one winner. Big ups to DJ Avedon, an LA-based New Yorker, whose Dutch House rendition of the Wilkes track really stood out among some stiff competition:

Sam Wilkes – Let Him Go (Avedon Remix)

Other notable mentions go to Dreamweaver for his disco-house take on the track, and the innovative tropical fidget of Tiny Giant, whose remix was already featured on Pelski last month:

Sam Wilkes – Let Him Go (Dreamweaver Remix)

Sam Wilkes – Let Him Go (Tiny Giant Remix)