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So after a hectic long week, I’m sure you dirty dancers are ready for a weekend of letting it out on the good ol’ d-floor. So wherever you are this weekend, load up these chuunes and put the pep in that step. Boom Da!
You’ve heard this one dropped on a mainstage when your on a good one.
Krafty answers this remix with a haunting digital riff, a herve-lovers must have.
DANCEiSM’s own ASAA breeds the love-child of Boys Noize and Miles Dyson in this ripper.
Relentless womp womp on this track, not for the faint of ears. Hugeness.
Dillon brings us that ‘sweet vocals & slimey bass’ groove he has perfected so well.


So finals have ended for me this week, leaving one last quarter of my college career…kind of scary but also pretty liberating. Anyways, my spring break has commenced and I have ventured out to Tennessee to visit my family before I lose another ten years off of my life at WMC in Miami next week. Not really quite sure what to do out here in Memphis so I’ve been drinking and downloading heavily (always a good combo). So here are 10 (yes 10!) tracks that I have found to be personally appealing and I hope you can skip daintily through airports to them like I did yesterday. Party on Garth.

Great choon…much better than the Zodiac Cartel remix I think.
I’ve been rocking my 3rd nut off to this. Reminds me of something Pendulum-esque.
Don’t be fooled by the slow opening. You know how naughty 16Bit is.
Great new electro from Nashville, TN. Cheers to Nashville Nights for these ones.
New track off of Mixmag‘s cover CD. He’s back. Finally.
2 good ones for all you Nu-Disco freaks out thurr.
Great minimal usage of the vocals in this one. Bravo.
Nice housey track out on the Culprit label. Like what those guys are doing.

Crookers, Yelle, and Junkie XL? c’mon maaaaan.

Hope you enjoy these, let me know which ones you like. See you in Miami!