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At the tender age of 19, XO has begun a budding career as a multi-faceted producer, songwriter, and DJ out of the UK. His sound, forward; his lyrics, relateable; vibes, on point. It’s exactly what I’ve come to expect out of the UK at the moment, illustrious coupled basslines with diverse percussive arrangements that accentuate the featured vocalist. For his debut EP, “Through The Night,” a three track feature takes place with a credible range of tunes from sultry sub-soul to to hustling UK garage that is reassuring for his Freshmen release. We got the chance to exchange words with XO after “Through The Night” was released on December 1st where his affinity for Justin Timberlake comes to life, his highlights from the year as a newcomer are revealed, and some possible projects for 2015 divulged.. dig in! Continue Reading

501 is one of my favorite dubstep producers, and he is further solidifying that standing with this new remix of “Through the Night.” He brings us excellent production with the perfect balance of melodies and heavy bass. 501 has the style and know-how to really satisfy your senses and get the dance-floor moving. Check out the tune after the jump.

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