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Most Los Angelians know Mike Brillstein as a legend. Whether consciously or not, anyone who’s ever been to a club where any good music was played has likely, nay definitely vibed out to one of Mike’s sets. With fine taste and a penchant for house music, he’s finally made a serious foray into the production world with his new alter ego “Brillstein“. After his two collaborations with Jesse Rose last year, he’s venturing off on his own with a six-track mini EP, Back To Bed, which sees its initial release on Play It Down next week.

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Friend of GDD  (actually who am I kidding, friend of near every music person ever to do anything in Los Angeles) Mike Brillstein, known to many as Thee Mike B, has been making house music. And it’s f**king good. Over the past year we’ve seen him foray into a new moniker as Brillstein, collabing with Play It Down boss and house champion Jesse Rose on tracks like “Shuffle The Paper” and “Good Wife”. I was hearing big dudes like Loco Dice slamming Shuffle The Paper in sets for months. As Brillstein, Mike B is a heavy-hitter, keeping elements in his tracks that punch you right in the stomach and leave a mark. This year he announced his debut LP on Jesse’s label, which gets released at the end of the month. For now, he’s dropped off a new original for free download. Should be a clear indicator of the smashing direction that the LP will head in – the first track of which just premiered over on Pulse Radio.

Get the download above, and be sure to nab your copy of Brillstein’s Back To Bed LP, which comes out on Play It Down on April 29.

Thank god it’s Friday night cus I ju-ju-just GOT PAID! Just kidding I never get paid on Fridays but whatever cus it’s still FRIIIIIIDAYYYY!!! PUMP UP THE JAMS! Me and the Doyle-ster got 10 free tunes for your listening pleasure, hopefully whatever you’re into (ahem, musically) this’ll help liven up your weekend. Get to booty-shakin, head-bopping, hip-griding, whatever it is you do. Preferably don’t twerk. -LD

If you trust us you can download the .zip files here but check out the tracks + stream / download individually after the jump.

OH Doyle’s .zip (5 Tracks)
Laura D’s .zip (5 Tracks)

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Hit up LA’s golden child & poseidon’s schooner navigating legend, Goldroom, to combine forces with on this weeks dirt duty. I can promise funky feel-good tunes perfect for this amazing weather we’ve been graced with on the west coast. Get the sand beneath your toes and a michelada dock-side, because we’ve got 10 hand-selected jams for your listening pleasure.

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Our LA friends Oliver and Thee Mike B did a funky new update on the Blondie classic “Heart Of Glass”, paying homage to the golden tune and also not a bad way to groove into the summer vibes… here’s what they had to say:

“We wanted to give something away when we hit 10K on Twitter. This one is for all the fans and DJs that have supported us, we love you! This is a record that we grew up with as children so we wanted to keep it classic, and groovy. Hope you enjoy it!”

Our good buddy Thee Mike B and his pal Dirty Dave have thrown together this absolutely stellar retrospective mix for your listening pleasure. If you’re a fan of dance music (safe assumption, seeing as you’re reading this) then I sincerely hope you’re taking the time to educate yourself on the origins of your favorite music. Whether it be Skrillex, Boys Noize, or Swedish House Mafia (RIP) that is your current flavor of the week, everything has a beginning, and this mix does an excellent job of exploring the origins of what’s currently blasting through your Beats by Dre.

Get the download from the artwork above and peep the track listing after the jump, and check those years behind those songs… I’m sure there are some readers out there who weren’t even born when some of these songs were made, and they sound just as good today as they always have. And don’t forget to stop by The Well’s site to thank them for having the guys put this mix together.

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Scion A/V will be releasing a new EP from Los Angeles’ own (Thee) Mike B tomorrow for free on their website, but today they’ve given us the world premiere of ‘Iration’, a collaborative track with Steven Bloodbath from the 7-track release, Tite At Nite. ’Iration’ shows a deeper side of what you’d expect from the widely respected LA resident, using pitched down vocals and a minimalistic approach to create a must-have late-nighter. Make sure to pick up the entire EP tomorrow over at Scion A/V.

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Thee Mike B and DJ Morse Code are two paradise-loving DJs that created Pools (not to be confused with Poolside) to make music that will take you back to the glory days of lounging in the sun with not a care in the world besides what your next drink will be. This is my latest addition to the smooth jams playlist that I started a couple weeks ago, inspired by the selections of aRod. Make a playlist for yourself and start it with this edit!

She – Easy Money (Pools Edit)


As always we’re back with another crazy Thursday, this time featuring one of LA’s finest party DJ’s, Thee Mike B. He’s held down various residencies for some of the coolest parties in Los Angeles, currently manning the decks at Dim Mak‘s Cannonball Sunday’s. We’re also stoked to host Benzona, one of the geniuses behind Mad Decent Records!

Thee Mike B
Matty Scoll
Freq Status

RSVP @ http://danceism.com/

RSVP Closes at 7:30p day of the event
Free before 11pm
$5 after 11pm

The Central: Social Aide & Pleasure Club
1348 14th Street Santa Monica, CA 90404

Thursday September 8th
$5 Red Bull Vodkas til midnight!

Grab Mike B’s new collection of edits and bootlegs – all great tunes for your funky dj sets!
Old Edits That Kill It… And A Brand New One! Enjoy. by theemikeb