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We’ve been long time supporters of our good friend BetaTraxx, an L.A. producer who’s always been able to stay one step ahead when it comes to producing quality techno + electro.  Following a similar philosophy as Boys Noize, BetaTraxx doesn’t set out to make cookie cutter, DJ-friendly, conventional dance music.  He challenges himself to produce music that sets itself apart from the mainstream and, in the process, has come up with his own classical-inspired, synth-heavy brand of techno + electro.

Fresh off his “Rocktronica” collaboration with Chuckie & the one & only Slash, we find BetaTraxx showing off more of his diversity with a couple of genre hopping remixes of Wiz Khalifa & The Killers.  Big artists.  Big remixes.  BetaTraxx knows how to have fun with the big boys!  Grab the two FREE downloads below and get loose.
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Our nearby friends Ese’ & Zain have served up a double-feature on fellow San Diego natives Hyena – delivering two versions of their new original “Wander” (which features Dave Keuning of The Killers). The ‘Rave With A Broken Leg’ Mix is fit for the big room favor, pounding anthemic chords on top of a stabbing bassline. The ‘Smoove But I Can Move’ Mix’ is more light hearted, dancing an almost steel drum-like lead atop the haunting melodic vocals. Grab them both for FREE below!


Ese’ & Zain on

It’s been a couple of months since I first heard Pierce Fulton’s take on The Killers single “Runaway” and I’ve honestly been counting down the days until I could own it. Well its finally out on Beatport and I couldn’t be happier!

As an unabashed fan of both The Killers and Pierce Fulton I was anxious to see how this track would turn out, but Pierce takes everything I love about the original and creates this melodic and uplifting electro masterpiece. It’s all about the subtleties.

If you want some more Pierce Fulton action, make sure to check out his latest Get Weird. Made while he was on the Love & War tour with Wolfgang Gartner and Popeska, definitely worth a listen:

pic: itwasthelight
Remix contests can be a lot like that movie AVP: Alien vs. Predator: whoever wins, we lose. Not only does the sheer quantity of entries make it difficult to find the quality (especially as a blogger), but by the time the winner is declared, most of us are burnt out on hearing the same stems used over and over again (extra credit: can you name me the winner of the Beatport-sponsored “Latin Fever” contest without looking?). Then you have 16-year-old Madeon from France, who Rob Swire crowned the victor of Pendulum’s “The Island” remix contest. Listen to Madeon’s unique style of feel-good call-and-response disco pop and I’m sure you’ll agree that this youngster is no one trick pony. Stream an original and remix of The Killers directly from our site and be sure to check out the rest of his work on soundcloud.

• Madeon – Shuriken

• The Killers – Smile Like You Mean It (Madeon Remix)


• Spencer & Hill – LESS GO! (Porter Robinson Remix)
Speaking of teenage electro prodigies, here’s the latest from Porter Robinson if you haven’t been minding those Beatport charts.