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The Juan Maclean is a musician who deserves to be recognized for his perseverance in the music industry. After his band Six Finger Satellite was struck with tragedy early on in his music career, he was close to never again returning to the production side of music. If it wasn’t for James Murphy‘s words of encouragement for Maclean to dabble in the electronic industry years later, his budding electronic career may never have come to fruition. With such an extensive catalog of originals, albums, and remixes, it’s no wonder he knocks, “You Are My Destiny” out of the park. The echoey synth pattern creates a late night environment for Nancy Whang‘s vocals to thrive in while the percussion section stays perfectly on point. With a digital release coming on April 9th from DFA Records, be sure to take advantage of the limited edition white label currently available from the label as well.

Not sure why I picked this picture but it was mildly appealing at the time. Anyways, here’s a double-couple of tracks to get you through the week depending on your mood. You might want to twist that volume knob up and fist pump a little for the first two, and then maybe cut up a grape swisher and relax for the last two. The choice is yours.
Also, does anyone know of any really cool happenings for New Year’s Eve? Preferably within 400 miles of LA. I kinda feel like getting out of the city this year. Vegas maybe? Anything there? Let me know.