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Sorry for the late post this week guys! We are having an unbelievable night tomorrow night with the amazing master of warehouse sound Zodiac Cartel, along with one half of new electro duo Bass Weazal, Will Bailey. Circuit Freq and Mr. White will both also be doing sets in the big room as to promote the new track “The Filth” which was remixed by all acts that will be in the Avalon tomorrow night. Check out all of the new remixes on Beatport. I have posted the Mr. White remix in this post if you want to check that one out for free :)

Tomorrow night all you dirty dancers that are over 21 will be entering through the Honey Lounge entrance which is the left side entrance if you are staring at the front of the Avalon. All you youngin’s still enter through the main entrance and there will be a GDD™ list there for you as well. We will not be doing The House Party room but rather we will be teaming up with our good friends at BBE and Everyday in the Legit Lounge to give you the best music experience possible. Bring your danceypants!
Please send RSVPs to JONAHDANCESDIRTY@gmail.com so you can be on our discount ticket list for the evening.
I love you.
Sorry I had to make this post in haste earlier. Here’s a new track by ZC that he is releasing on his website for free. What a guy!

Sorry for the extended hiatus everybody. I had a holiday break full of tequila, border police, and snow bunnies, and I have to say it’s wonderful to be back in school. I hope you all had an excellent new year and got some sweet strange ass at midnight. But now, it is a new decade and why not celebrate the big ’10 with us at the Avalon in Hollywood with Drop The Lime and Designer Drugs this Friday? Tear down those Christmas lights and throw away that gross egg nog, it’s time to rave again.

The GDD™ room will be going off this week with our good friend Taylor from kidcityblog making a special guest DJ appearance as well as ///BONES, Mr. Anderson, and your favorite British DJ in Los Angeles sweetFA.
Please RSVP at jonahdancesdirty@gmail.com to be on the discount ticket guestlist (10$).
Remember these?
Here’s a brand new filthy little remix from our good friend Mr. White.

What a great week-before-Christmas gift! CONTROL will be celebrating its one year anniversary at the Avalon this Friday in style with Armand Van Helden. For those few of you that aren’t in the loop, AVH has graced the electronic music world with numerous party-starters since the early 90’s and most recently has collaborated with Fool’s Gold Records co-founder A-Trak to form the New York power disco duo known as Duck Sauce.

We will also have the GDD™ room open all night with your favorites sweetFA and Tre along with guest DJ appearances by Mr. Anderson and one of my best friends just in from Berlin, Matt Black. I have a feeling The House Party will be in full force and equipped with loads of weirdness this week. Just how we like it.
This is definitely not a show to be missed, so make sure you guys RSVP with us at JONAHDANCESDIRTY@gmail.com so you can get on our guestlist for the night.
Unfortunately, prices are a little bit steeper this week (15$), but if you ask me I’d say it’s worth it for the epic show that will ensue.
Here are some goodies to get you in the week-before-Christmas spirit:
Also, if you would like to buy tickets in advance online you can now do so through our account at WantTickets.

This week at the Avalon, French House DJ and Cubemaster Etienne De Crecy will take CONTROL in Hollywood. Many of you might know him from his unbelievable visual performance that has swept across multiple continents in the past year from the Coachella Music Festival in Indio, California to the O2 Academy in London. Unfortunately, EDC will not be bringing his cube along with him this time, but be prepared for a sensational DJ set that will make you jump and shake all night.

Please RSVP at JONAHDANCESDIRTY@gmail.com to be on the GDD™ discount ticket list (10$). Make sure all emails are in before 7PM Friday night to ensure your spot on the list.

As usual, we’ll have your favorite House Party DJs (///BONES, sweetFA, Tre) in the GDD room to get you where you need to go.

Just announced! Stoli Vodka will now be sponsoring the event with 1$ cocktails at the beginning of the night and 5$ cocktails thereafter. Make sure you come early and get your money’s worth!
For those that have not seen the cube, here is a killer video of a live set at Matter in London.

PS- Etienne will be playing at Voyeur in San Diego the next night, so if you can’t make it with us on Friday or you just can’t get enough EDC, you can get your French House fix on Saturday as well.

Another massive night in Hollywood. Turntablist champion and current Miami resident DJ Craze will grace the Avalon stage along with a bass-heavy performance by New York’s AC Slater. Electro fiends rejoice! (I’m predicting the New Yorker will drop a generous portion of dubstep to the plate as well.)

The House Party will be in full force with ///BONES, sweetFA, Tre, and Sweatpants, so make sure you come into the GDD™ room to come have a few dance-offs with us.
Please RSVP at JONAHDANCESDIRTY@gmail.com so we can put you on our super ill, sick, gnar discount ticket guestlist (10$).

Relevant tracks:

I know you’ve all been waiting for this one. This Friday will be a night of absolute carnage, with the sounds of the dubstep coming at you full force through the Avalon’s massive Funktion-One sound system. LA’s own 12th Planet will take the stage before he gives way to the one, the only RUSKO. You’d be a silly sally not to be there. We’ll have ///BONES, sweetFA, and Tre on hand in the GDD™ room to assist your bass deficiency as well.

Please RSVP at JONAHDANCESDIRTY@gmail.com to be on the GDD guestlist for discount tickets (10$).
Also if you can get a chance this week, Scion is having a free show on Wednesday at the Roxy with 12th Planet, along with Plastician, Scuba, and Mary Anne Hobbs. If you want a double dose of dubstep this week make sure to RSVP with Scion to get on their free guestlist.
Now, two tracks you might have heard and one you probably have not. Enjoy.
Rusko ft. Lutan Fyah – Soundguy Is My Target light up the j’s and get your grind on.

This week the House Party is back in action with a special guest headliner (hint hint notice all of the periods in between S.E.C.R.E.T. durrr who could that possibly be?) along with Crosstown Rebels’ Damian Lazarus. You may not get your usual headbanger’s hangover from this show, but if you are interested in a night of some world class minimal techno and tech house then I highly recommend getting on our guestlist. We will also be having our own ///BONES as well as our good friends sweetFA and Tre holding down the GDD room all night in case you electro-house/electro/dubstep fiends need your fixin’.
Please RSVP at JONAHDANCESDIRTY@gmail.com to be on the discount ticket guestlist (10$).

B. Rich just added to the bill! Wicked awesome!

Here’s a little treat for you:

PS-Beware of Tre’s chainsaw, it’s deadly.

Happy Halloween week everyone! I hope you are all getting your weird, raved-out costumes together for the epic weekend ahead. As mentioned last week, we have a HUGE lineup for this Friday at CONTROL with a DJ set from Hot Chip and LIVE performances by Danger! and Drop The Lime. Now I know that some of you are on the fence about going to Hard Haunted Mansion and I am in no way trying to stray you from the amazing music that you would hear at the Shrine, but if your pockets aren’t as deep as they usually are or you feel like dancing to some great tunes in a more intimate setting, I definitely recommend coming to party with us at the Avalon. We will be holding down The House Party as usual with our good friends sweetFA, Mr. Anderson, Zander, and other special guest DJs. In addition, the Avalon and Bardot are teaming up this week, so Dim Mak’s Autoerotique will be playing upstairs along with a few other artists.

Please RSVP at JONAHDANCESDIRTY@gmail.com to be on the GDD guestlist for discount tickets (10$).

As usual, here are some tracks to groove to while constructing your sweet bubble wrap jumpsuit that you’re going to wear this Friday/Saturday.

bonus! a pretty awesome (and long) video of Danger! performing live.

Shadow Dancer is coming at you live this Friday at CONTROL. Straight from the United Kingdom, the duo is signed onto Alex Ridha’s Boys Noize Records along with other electro greats such as D.I.M., Les Petits Pilous, and of course Boys Noize. I actually saw the boys from Shadow Dancer at a BNR party in Amsterdam last year and their set was fantastic. Expect nothing less this Friday when the two rip the Avalon apart. Our good friends sweetFA, Travis, sweatpants, and Thousandaire will be holding down The House Party in the room to the right of the stage just in case you would like an extra serving of bass and bangers.

Please RSVP at JONAHDANCESDIRTY@gmail.com to be on the GDD guestlist for discount tickets (10$). Rumor has it that you will receive a 5$ cocktail drink ticket at the door if you are on our list. Wicked.
Now for some tunes that I’ve had lurking around in the iTunes for a while that I recently rediscovered.
Next week at CONTROL…

This Friday the long awaited arrival of Monsieur Oizo to CONTROL will finally be satiated. The show needs no hyping on my part because as you know this Frenchman is a present day musical mastermind and a massive name behind the Ed Banger label. He doesn’t cruise through here on a very consistent basis, so I highly recommend going on Friday just to get lost in the majesty of his brilliant performance. The House Party room will also be packed full of some of our favorite friends/DJs including DJ Winner (SF), aRod (SB), Hammerwolf, and of course ///BONES, so come on out and have a fun Friday with all of us.

Be sure to RSVP at JONAHDANCESDIRTY@GMAIL.COM to make sure you are on the GDD guestlist for discount tickets (10$). Also, try to arrive early this week as there will be an extremely packed house for Mr. O.

And now for the goods. I picked out a few remixes of the master that I thought you might enjoy…