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Hard to believe we’re on the 150th Dirt, and with that in mind BONES dug up a nice #tbt photo of me and my girl Laura. As per usual, we’ve put together a 10-pack of tunes all for free (and legal) download, spanning across all sorts of genres and vibes. All 10 tunes are available to stream via Soundcloud playlist below, and if you feel like adding them all to your library, you can download Laura’s and my picks individually via the Zippyshare links below. Biggup yourself.

Laura’s Zip (5 tracks, 35MB)
Jonah’s Zip (5 tracks, 45MB)


We’ve got all things Miami on our mind with WMC only a few short weeks away. Lock yourself into 10 downloadable tracks selected by Troy Kurtz and Toks.

TK’s Zip (5 tracks, 59 MB)
• Toks’ Zip (5 tracks, 67 MB)


In this totally non-Valentines Valentines Day edition of The Dirt, the ever illustrious Bones and myself have prepped 10 tracks ready to carry you into this Hallmark weekend. Whether you’re making whoopee with your lover or drinking wine by yourself (same), we hope you’ll enjoy this playlist, free of charge.

Private playlist is HERE 

•  Troy Kurtz’s Dirt #146 (Tracks 1-5)


Time to get weird with Mr. Toks and Colby J. as we bring you The Dirt numero one-forty-cinco. We’ve rounded up the best of the net in this weeks downloads, and we’ve got a lot of variety for you to pick from. From vibey house, to rock-n-roll edits, to some downtempo and experimental tunes, all your bases are covered. As per usual, scoop up the lot of them in the .zip’s, should you be so intrigued. So sit back, press play, and ride out to the tunes we’ve put together.

Toks’ Dirt #145 .zip (Tracks 1-5)
Colby J.’s Dirt #145 .zip (Tracks 6-10)


I’m on my own for The Dirt this week, so I’ve taken full advantage and chosen probably the most random group of tunes possible that I’ve been playing in the headphones. I’d say there’s a solid influence of R&B, Jersey Club, and Hip Hop in there, plus some tracks from the AWESOME PC Music out of London which I’ve become obsessed with as of late. Of course, I had to add the new ones from Digitalism and Worthy in there as well to round it out. All in all, very proud of this one. Get weird with me. 143 = i love you.

Download the zip (10 tracks, 82MB)


As the holiday season continues to sneak up on us with colder temperatures and earlier sunsets, we’ve got a grip free downloads to keep your spirits up. In this 137th installment of The Dirt, we have an exquisite new edit from Maceo Plex, a 2013 touch up of TLC courtesy of Bixel Boys, a sexy new take on Marvin Gaye from Kygo, electro meets rock courtesy of Coyote Kisses and the very first Golden Pony original.

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Happy Hallow’s my little dead dudes and ghoulish girls.  Steven N. Deadworld and BONES (LOL already a Halloween name) here with our most sinister picks for all your nefarious needs.  If you’re reading this, you should already be trick-or-treating/partying/hungover, so download this .zip and do so with haste, for there is not a single mortal second left to waste…

Download .zip: The Dirt #135 HALLOWEEN EDITION – BONES + Steven N. Ewald

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The stoic enigma, Steven N. himself, and I are here with our top 10 free downloads of the week, all .zip’d up like eskimos deep in the Alaskan tundra. A lot of different vibes represented this week as our eclectic tastes represent themselves in free download fashion.  Trippy ear visuals from myself; then plenty of pitched down vocals and screwed up vibes from Steven.  Dare I say more?

The Dirt #134: Colby J.’s .zip
The Dirt #134: Steven N. Ewald’s .zip

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The Dirt 132 Tropicool Burn Unit

Summer has us by the balls here in Southern California, and she’s refusing to let go. Amidst a heat wave that’s spiking temperatures to nearly 90Fº at the beach, and a weekend packed with shows from Moby, Jesse Rose, Daedalus, Nosaj Thing, Afrojack, Claude VonStroke and more, it’s fairly safe to say that October is shaping up to be a pretty all-time “Indian Summer” type of month.

All those factors might also be contributing to why we’re a few days late on last week’s Dirt, but hey, here’s ten free tracks to quiet that chorus of boos.

Burn Unit’s .zip (5 tracks)
Tropicool’s .zip (5 tracks)

Listen + Download all TEN (10) tracks after the jump!
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