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My love for The Bloody Beetroots has blossomed yet again. I had the opportunity to catch an unplugged set the last time they were in Hollywood, and seeing this softer side to the musicians was pretty surreal. I mean, usually you have Sir Bob and co. rippin’ and tearin’ around on stage yellin’ god knows what and rockin’ that shit like it’s still the 80’s and metal is still cool as fuck. But beneath it all are some amazingly talented musicians (no surprise here), and this track with Theophilus London really hammers that point home. Jazz, hip-hop, rock drums, back up singers, WHAT IS THIS! I don’t know, but I’m into it. Rock on.

Sir Bob Cornelius Rifo AKA The Bloody Beetroots ignited the dance music community this summer when it was announced that the gritty Dance Punk frontman had somehow found a way to team up with living legend Paul McCartney through mutual friend, Youth, in a London studio. The nearly unbelievable crossover single matches anthemic stadium rock riffs with Rifo’s inescapable dance mettle — a possible sign of the times for the rapid bridging of old and new music culture.

Rifo didn’t just stop with McCartney. The Bloody Beetroots’ new album, HIDE, out on Ultra Music on September 17th will feature an unheard of amount of top-tier collaboration, including legendary team-ups with Peter Frampton, Tommy Lee, Theophilus London, Penny Rimbaud, and more.

Before the highly anticipated release, however, Ultra is opening the door to some remixes of the album’s most buzzing track tomorrow, and GDD™ favorite Riva Starr has put together a raw, House’d up remix which we get to premiere for you today. Riva keeps Paul’s vocals in there (how could you ever take them away??) and throws in a nice bassline speaking to Riva’s SNATCH! style. Pick up the remixes tomorrow and get HIDE September 17th.

I don’t know about you, but I’m still pretty confused by this situation in general. Bloody Beetroots, Ultra Music, Youth, and PAUL McCARTNEY? When I heard about it at first I thought it had to be one of those false stories going around via social media, but to my surprise the Paul was real, and “Out of Sight” is a truly good song. It’s complexity really illuminates Bob’s musical vision, and Sir Paul’s involvement with the song means that he’s still got his ear to the figurative ground that is Pop music. Large ups to Youth for connecting the dots with this one.

In the next installment of his Hot Sex giveaway series, Valentino Khan shows us an uptempo side of his production – perhaps an influence of his recent tour w/ The Bloody Beetroots? Or just his transformation into new genres? This is definitely a high-energy rollercoaster ride, even villainous in its tone! Listen for yourself and grab it below…

Valentino Khan on

So proud of our mate and fellow LA resident Valentino Khan. After smashing a Diplo & Friends mix for BBC and the recent release of his production “Bubble Butt” ft. Bruno Mars, Tyga, and 2 Chainz for the forthcoming Major Lazer album, the young gun  now prepares to serve as direct support for The Bloody Beetroots (live) spring tour. All amidst, he is kickstarting another weekly giveaway with a double download of his massive intro track “Luxe”, kept in secret for almost a year now. if you hadn’t of guessed it, he created a “Trap myself” version on top of it, which is equally as filthy. Jump on these 2 below, and check out the tour dates to go see him w/ the Beetroots!


5.16.13 – EL PASO, TX – THE GARDEN (Valentino Khan solo show)*
5.17.13 – WASHINGTON, DC – 9:30 CLUB (w/ Bloody Beetroots)
5.18.13 – EDMONTON, AL, CANADA – ENCORE (w/ Dillon Francis)*
5.19.13 – PHILADELPHIA, PA – THEATRE OF LIVING ARTS (w/ Bloody Beetroots)
5.22.13 – BOSTON, MA – PARADISE ROCK CLUB (w/ Bloody Beetroots)
5.23.13 – MONTREAL, QB, CANADA – TELUS THEATRE (w/ Bloody Beetroots)
5.24.13 – TORONTO, ON, CANADA – PHOENIX CONCERT HALL (w/ Bloody Beetroots)
5.25.13 – PITTSBURGH, PA – MR. SMALLS THEATRE (w/ Bloody Beetroots)
5.27.13 – MINNEAPOLIS, MN – SKYWAY THEATER (w/ Bloody Beetroots)

Hailing from Rome, the Italiano Jac Battle aka Mooro, has served as Death Crew 77’s tour drummer and now chosen by Sir Bob Cornelius Rifo to play keyboards on the new The Bloody Beetroots live show…

His new solo project has finally made its debut on Lektroluv Records – the EP including three electro monsters that fans of The Subs, The Bloody Beetroots or Gtronic will most definitely love. The fourth track, ‘For Those About To Funk’, closes the EP in true slo’mo style and sounds like something Daft Punk would make after being locked in the studio with nothing but Red Bull and a Slayer record. WOWZERS.



Mooro on

The Bloody Beetroots will always remind me of 2007 and 2008 when we really first immersed ourselves in the burgeoning Electro scene that Los Angeles harbored during that time. Bob Rifo has always been a musical genius. From his Timbaland remix to ‘Warp’ and now to his latest single, ‘Rocksteady,’ which had its first remix EP out today on Ultra Records, the Bloody Beetroots moniker has always garnered respect from the dance music community, and we’re happy to say that we’re still big fans of what Sir Bob is up to. That said, we’re delighted that Part 1 of the remix EP for ‘Rocksteady’ is top notch; with remixes from Dem Slackers, Mumbai Science, and fellow Italian Gigi Barocco. Dem Slackers has been kind enough to stream his remix for us on this release day, so have a listen to some quality Electro House below and pick up all 3 remixes on Beatport. Continue Reading

Italian-born, Los Angeles resident, Congorock, has just released the remix pack for his smasher ‘Ivory’ on Ultra Music today, and it’s suited with an all-star cast of producers including Laidback Luke, The Bloody Beetroots, Mumbai Science, and NT89. Pretty darn serious. Each remix is great on its own as well. Laidback Luke’s new rendition is more of an edit, staying true to Rocco’s initial arrangement while deepening and darkening the original with some additional heavy bass. The Bloody Beetroots stay true to their grungy Electro roots, while Mumbai Science and NT89 bring on the Techno in a big way. Stream the whole EP and take a look at Congorock’s North American tour in June after the jump, and make sure to pick up the EP on Beatport pronto! √+ Continue Reading

This is how long it took me to put together HARD Halloween post-event coverage. This weekend took it out of me like WHOA. But never the less, HARD delivered a solid 2 days that was well controlled, great sound, and plenty of great merch! Beer Garden coulda been a little better though, and They shoulda had someone bigger inside friday because the main stage outdoors was a landslide. But Im not complaining, I had a fucking FANTASTIC time. and for those who went saturday? You Lucky dogs, got to see the headliners friday perform as the special guests! Sheesshhh. Here’s what happened Friday night…

The Bloody Beetroots got the crowd going insane. This Video is by far the best quality sound & video of the beetroots intro, thanks cigarick! Sounds like it may be a remix they did of their own track! Sounded fucking amazing live.

Deadmau5 was the most anticipated of the night, and after the weekend his set has been argued over being crap or being gold. Either way I always have an awesome time seeing his performance as he brings alot more than his tunes. Check out this video, the sounds pretty MEH but the intro visuals are fucking ridic. YES, he makes all his own visuals. And the Dragonball Z quote before FML drops was pretty sick live. ITS OVER 9000!!!!

Deadmau5 drops all the fav’s from his new album Lack Of A Better Name – if you dont have it yet, your kwazy. The entire album flows right into each song, like a live set would, and goes from electro powerhouse into ravey fidget and then finally into his hypnotising progressive/house/trance that we all fall victim to at the end of his sets. Well worth the purchase – GET IT NOW ON BEATPORT!
Speaking of Great Visuals, 2manydjs had a great set with a RADIO SOULWAX theme, djing theyre favorite tracks while the album artwork of each song mixed into each other just as well (if not better). This clip is a great part of it, go about 7:30 minutes in, where ‘Welcome to the Jungle’ goes into ‘Positif’ – I was going NUTS. The visuals are hilarious.

(picture of 2manydjs from my camera phone. unnnhhh.)
Before they’re show, I got a few questions in with 2manydjs, Stephen and Dave Dewaele, the brothers also known for their godfather-like electronic band known as Soulwax. It was super hard to hear, but I got some good ones back and a few good laughs.
/// So how does it feel to be back in LA again at the HARD festival where you guys destroyed last year?
Dave: it’s always a treat being back in Los Angeles, the fans here know more of our music then we thought possible, you would almost think they would be european (laughs)
/// (laughs) I know right.

Stef: We dont get to come as much as we would like to, but it’s hard when the demand for our music is so much more where were from. LA is great but the festivals back home are like a factory for this music.
/// You dont have to tell me haha, Its always ridiculous seeing festival lineups. You guys have been playing alot this year as 2manydjs, is it something you guys would rather do when your not producing? or do you guys miss the full blown Soulwax tours?

Dave: We get to do a little of both no matter what, it’s up to us but we are also producing all the time. The hard part is being happy with new songs to play (laughs), but, we always have fun no matter how we perform. Tonight will be exciting.
Stef: We want to bring Radio Soulwax to the States though, it’ll take a little more time but it’s definitely been talked about. They’re s much talent here as well that we like it only seems right We do it for the fun and the love. Money is no concern.
/// (draw drops) Umm. Yeah. That needs to happen. So when you guys DJ together, why is it that its been said that you move like sin and cosin? (I begin to do the inward and outward pelvic motions explained in their Part Of The Weekend Never Dies Documentary)

Both: (laughing hysterically)
Stef: We don’t here the end of that.
Dave: We just get excited, thats all. Music moves you and we do it that way.
/// Of course, no problem at all (laughs) ….So can we expect to see you guys back again soon? perhaps with the whole band?

Dave: We can’t really say, but we have a lot planned for next year, so who knows what will happen. Los Angeles is always a great time so I cant say no.
Stef: Yeah, much to do, but last year was great and we hope LA wants us back!
/// Ummmm dont worry, thats not an issue. I– I mean, We do. Yes. WE do.

Both: (laughs)
/// Thanks so much guys, from all of us at Gotta Dance Dirty, we wish you guys continued success and I can’t wait to see you guys tear it up.
Stef: we’ll sure try to.
Dave: (laughs) thank you dance dirty blog! Now get out there! (points to the crowds)
/// (laughs and smiles) ahhhh yessss!

….and a fun time was had by all!