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The message is simple + the delivery is electrifying.  Tesla Boy teams up with London crooner Tyson to ask the question “Do you want to dance?”  And the answer is…most definitely.  It’s that hot + heavy kind of dancing where you get just close enough to someone, you’re barely touching them.  You can feel your breath on each other as you mirror one another on the dance floor.  “Broken Doll” is a dark + sexy electrosensual jam that will surely get your engine running on the dance floor and beyond.

Tesla Boy’s fantastic new album ‘The Universe Made of Darkness’ is out now via iTunes. [HERE]
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I’ve always appreciated Tesla Boy for taking their dark disco & new wave influences from decades past and modernizing them into a sound they’ve been able to call their own.  They’ve taken an 80s-style approach to their sound and updated it with an edge that new wave & synth pop from that era was sorely missing.  Their latest track “M.C.H.T.E.” harks back to early INXS (particularly “Original Sin”) with the addition of that definitive Tesla Boy bounce.  That added punch alongside some big percussion & always-stylish vocals on “M.C.H.T.E.” should be plenty to get Tesla Boy’s faithful fans fired up & ready for their forthcoming new album.  Time to get excited!

Tesla Boy’s new album “The Universe Made Of Darkness” is out worldwide on May 21st.

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“The waves ≠ raves consists of hand-picked gems that inspire us, tickling and tempting our creative juices. Some are old, some are new, but it is what we are listening to now. They are groovey, flowing, and sun-kissed just like that perfect wave. They are uplifting and guaranteed to put a smile on your face. They sound the best with a babe in one hand, a cold brewski in the other, and the sand beneath your feet. Stay Dreamy.”

Waves ≠ Raves Vol. 17
Salvatore Stallone – Heaven (Medellin Remix)
Miami Horror – Summersun (Cadillac Remix)
Jamiroquai – Runaway
Mickey Moonlight – Close to Everything
Zimmer – Looking At You
Gigamesh – Red Light (Goldroom Remix)
Anton Romezz – Marzipan World
Cadillac – Make You Feel ft. Tesla Boy
Yuksek – Always On the Run (Villa Remix)
Walter Sobcek – Miami (Pharao Black Magic)
Friendly Fires – Hurting (Tensnake Remix)
Ben Browning – I Can’t Stay (Juan Maclean Remix)
Late Nite Tuff Guy – Not In Love Anymore (LNTG Remix)
Lou Teti – Talk About It
Crazy P – Open For Service

All files zipped HERE

Curated by Tropicool

Let the tryptophan soak into your neurons and the music take hold. Take this lazy mixtape straight under the covers and let its funky smoothness warm your soul while you butter those buns. Silky-smooth transitions laced with euphoric tones and sexy vocals make this Gooch tape perfect for the season. Be easy and give thanks. Enjoy and happy thanksgiving.

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Gooch Tape Vol. 2 Tracklisting:
Psychemagik – Valley of Paradise
Quakers & Mormons – New York Town (The c90s Remix)
Chris Malinchak – No Secrets
Anton Romezz – Marzipan World
Tesla Boy – In Your Eyes (Satin Jackets Remix)
Walter Sobcek – Miami (Pharao Black Magic Remix)
Stacy Lattisaw – Dynamite (Breakbot Edit)
Sare Havlicek – Vibe on You
Niki & The Dove – Mother Protect (Goldroom Remix)
Drop Out Orchestra – It Will Never Be the Same Again
Jadoo ft. Hard Ton – Voodoo Love
Moby – The Right Thing ft. Inyang Bassey (Cosmonauts Remix)
Miguel Campbell – Baby I got It (Edit Murphy Remix)
Mario Basanov – Just Think About (Social Disco Club Remix)
Christophe – The Force (Julio Bashmore Piano Remix)
Alba – Only Music Survives

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Tesla Boy are back with their new single, “In Your Eyes”, which made its debut on the newly released Kitsuné Maison Compilation 12.  Tesla Boy uploaded a handful of remixes of “In Your Eyes” onto their SoundCloud, calling them “Online Only Bonus Content”.  Not exactly sure what that means since, according to their Facebook page, there is no plan for a separate release of “In Your Eyes”.  So basically they’re saying here’s some remixes we’re not releasing nor are we making any of them available for download.  BLUE BALLS.  Whatever the case may be, I’m just happy to hear new material by Tesla Boy.  Absent from the bonus remixes on Tesla Boy’s SoundCloud is the Volta Cab remix, which is my pick of the bunch.  It’s the perfect deep disco track to seduce someone to.  Next time you are putting together a Spotify playlist aimed at getting you some action under the sheets, I suggest you start it off with this…


Russian new wave-ists Tesla Boy are all set to release “Rebecca”, the third single off their outstanding debut album “Modern Thrills”.  It’s a family affair with remixes by Mullet Records label mates Estate, Satin Jackets + Solila.  Released exclusively on Juno Records today!

Tesla Boy – Rebecca (Estate Remix) by aRod@GottaDanceDirty™

Tesla Boy – Rebecca (Satin Jackets Remix) by aRod@GottaDanceDirty™

Tesla Boy – Rebecca (Solila Remix) by aRod@GottaDanceDirty™


Dirty Dancers! Today marks the first day of a brand new season (the most underrated season, in my book). And setting the new season’s pace with a different kind of dirty dancing is my new Fall mix…I hope your equinox rocks:

:: aRod FallGaze 2010 Mix :: by aRod@GottaDanceDirty

001 Edith Piaf – Non, Je Ne Regrette Rien (Nilow Remix)
002 Labyrinth Ear – Snow White
003 First Rate People – Girls’ Night (Mister Fidget + Sound Remedy Remix)
004 Maximum Balloon – Groove Me
005 GRUM – Turn It Up
006 Tesla Boy – Thinking of You (Casio Social Club Remix)
007 Paris Wells – Through & Through (Dublin Aunts Club Remix)
008 Monarchy – Call
009 Jessica 6 – Fun Girl
010 Dax Riders – Show Me Ur Love
011 Miami Horror – Echoplex
012 G.e.R.M. – Glitterball
013 Robots With Rayguns – Free to Feel
014 Minitel Rose – So You
015 We Were Lovers – Wild Fire
016 GRUM – Through the Night (Bit Funk Remix)
017 The Hundred in the Hands – Young Aren’t Young
018 Tesla Boy – Fire


Listening to the new albums by French band Minitel Rose and Russian band Tesla Boy will make you piss glitter and crap disco balls. Both albums are smooth, sleazy and full of bounce from beginning to end. These two bands aren’t trying to sound like 80s New Wave bands, they ARE New Wave bands thru and thru. They’ve taken New Wave and given it the proper Electro update that the genre deserves.

Love songs, power pop, dancefloor fillers…go snatch up Atlantique by Minitel Rose & Modern Thrills by Tesla Boy NOW.

Minitel Rose – So You

Minitel Rose – Wild Birds (Kolt 13 reMix)

Tesla Boy – Synthetic Prince

***Super disco bonus —–> this one’s everywhere but too good to pass up:

Breakbot – Baby I’m Yours (Aeroplane Remix) <---Direct Link