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Miami seems to have a promising indie-electronic artist on its hands. The mysterious ØRKA has emerged with a handful of outstanding productions, but this vocal-laden song, “Tell Me,” is a favorite. This James Blake-esque producer opens up the track with chilling, airy atmospheres and gentle piano chords, before bringing in baritone vocals that lead you to dreamy saxophone melodies from Brian Bibb. As a whole, “Tell Me” is a melancholic, thought-provoking song that’ll keep you coming back for more. Stay tuned for more from ØRKA and pick up the free download for safe keeping.


Escape reality with Atlas Bound’s latest original “Tell Me”. Australia’s finest duo’s new original was featured in Marie Claires March cover photoshoot video with none other than Margot Robbie. The singer/producer group’s new track is filled with sexy vocals and smooth beats. The massive tune is out on Next Wave Records, an upcoming label fostering the talent of artists such as Beshken, Jerry Folk and many other immensely talented producers. Even better it’s free! Grab your Free Download here, enjoy.


Taking us back to the year 2000 with a deep house twist, 21 year old Shmallen brings us this sexy cut featuring a sample from Destiny’s Child “Independent Woman.”  The pop ballad gets a full makeover with a faster vocal, heavy reverb and Shmallen’s reworked deep bassline that makes this one perfect for the dancefloor! Grab the DL below:

We’ve got you covered with The Dirt #95.  Future bass, jacking technohouse, video game trap, and booty tech.  Oh and a bit of rave for good measure.  Get it into you.

• The Dirt #95: Tamara Sky & Steven N. Ewald

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