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After a number of releases with support from names like Mikix the Cat, Angel Stoxx, Trockensaft, Umek, Dubfire and many more, Dark & stormy brings us a new EP.  As suspected, he delivers full force with this new Ep Dance to This out on Metamimetic Records.

While sticking to his roots and maintaining his signature Tech House and Tropical sound, Dark & Stormy adds a more accessible element to the lead track “We’re Gonna’ Have a Good Time” which is a all out party tune for ANY occasion.  Harkening back to the days of parachute pants and bad hair, this 90’s house stomper brings the heat with a great mixture of 90’s house, Tech House and Hip House.

Grab the EP after the jump!

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What’s up loyal readers?  Myself (Tre) and K.M.O.C. are on Dirt duty this week and we have some really exciting stuff for you and your upcoming weekend.  My picks have 5 exclusive free downloads coming at you that range from sinister techno to swinging, groovy house.

Tre’s Picks

Fazhands – Downtown Sound *320

I couldn’t be more excited to give away this Fazhands track on this week’s dirt!  Downtown Sound is a pleasurably deep and intelligent tune that is perfect for that closing club set.  Look out for more Fazhands in the future!

Purloid – Lochmachinoch *320

Now this is my kind of jam!  Purloid‘s Lochmachinoch is a dark techno masterpiece that will make you bare your teeth and nod your head. The track’s bass line is nothing short of hypnotizing and Purloid keeps you interested with intelligent synthesis and sequencing.

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Steve Huerta, formally known as GO FUNK URSELF, is a rising star in the LA Deep and Tech House scenes.  A UCSB alum, Steve is no stranger to us here at  GDD™,  and was previously featured with  Yooj for the track “On One.” We caught up with him one sunny afternoon to discuss production, crossing genres, and of course, his beverage of choice.

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The British Tech-House producer, Jordan Peak‘s newest release, Mean Streets is full of late night beats.  The entire EP is massive and not only features the well-polished sounds of Jordan Peak but also contains remixes from Chris Carrier and Sishi Rosch.  Mean Streets is a Techy delight full of swinging House grooves, catchy samples and hypnotizing basslines. Check it out after the jump!

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India’s own Arjun Vagale just dropped his newest EP, Danger Mouse and it’s nothing short of a Tech-House bomb!  The EP is exactly what you would expect from the massive producer: dark, hypnotic and brilliant.  Arjun Vagale’s talent shines bright throughout the entire EP but I’ve taken a partcular liking to the title-track, Danger Mouse.  Danger Mouse‘s complex sequencing and catchy lead have me listening to the song on repeat! Check it out after the jump!

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Smash TV‘s EP, Steroids to Heaven was nothing short of phenomenal and it comes as no surprise that the remixes are brilliant as well. Pol_On, Kiki, and Hector all rework Steroids to Heaven, with each artist adding their own unique stylistic approach to the already incredible original EP. I’m particularly digging Smash TV’s rework of Made for Eachother.

Grab the EP here! [Purchase Link]

Smash TV – Made for Eachother (Smash TV Backdoor Dub) by TreGDD

Much Love,

Photo Credit: That Kid Alex

Ladies and gentlemen, my pal Tre and I are very pleased to bring you the 51st edition of The Dirt this week. Lots of good stuff in here as always, so scroll on down and check out our favorites this week. Remember to support these artists and buy the full EPs and high quality tracks on Beatport!

Jonah’s Zip

• Noob – Spell (Original Mix) √+ [Beatport] *192 Kbps
This is an uplifting little number from the producer from Bordeaux known as Noob. Released in early October on the Sound Pellegrino label, the Spell EP has already gained some big time attention, including a spot on Digitalism’s I Love Techno Chart on Beatport.

• Nicolas Jaar – Don’t Break My Love (Original Mix) √+
Just released this week on his own Clown & Sunset label, Nicolas Jaar‘s Don’t Break My Love EP is a pure auditory delight. Always unique sound from the 21 year old phenom.

• Torb – Rubidrama (Original Mix) √+ [Beatport] *192 Kbps
French producer, Torb, put out Mars Premier as the latest release on Cassius Records, and all 3 tracks on the EP are fuego. Supported by Boys Noize, supported by GDD™.

• Fonzerelli – Moonlight Party (Tom Glass Remix) √+
I love this song. Brings back memories from a long time ago when we used to blast the original of this song in the dorms (FT) at UCSB. Great new take on it here from Tom Glass.

• Zombie Disco Squad – Piano Man (Original Mix) √++ [Beatport] *192 Kbps
Out on the Made To Play imprint last week, Zombie Disco Squad‘s ‘Piano Man’ is my new favorite single by the guys. Equipped with 4 different mixes of the original, this release is a must have. Buy the whole thang on Beatport now!


Tre’s Zip


FuzZ – Deep *320

FuzZ never has produced anything I didn’t love and Deep is no exception. Deep lures you in with a complex and long intro, only to drop you into a mellow, groovy and psychedelic wonderland that is similar to the best Flying Lotus beats. This track is not one to miss folks, click the link and grab the MP3 now!


YO Bill – Teddy Jammin *320

YO Bill has been kind enough to give away this track exclusively on this weeks dirt! Teddy Jammin is as technical as it is catchy, which can only be a good thing. The track’s groovy vocals have been mixed in with YO Bill’s recognizably intricate percussion to bring you a guaranteed dance floor hit!


Colour – Frequencies Modulate *320

Many of the die-hard Tech fans have been watching Colour with amazement, it seems the English producer really can do no wrong. Don’t believe me? Grab Frequencies Modulate, take a listen and you can send me your apology later. The track takes you on a dark journey that resonates retro-house chords, complex percussion and intricate synthesis. Seriously, grab this jam!


THIEVES – Pousser *320

The up and coming Los Angeles natives, THIEVES always impress me and Pousser is no exception. It’s an original groove that speaks to the duo’s rock roots.


Desantarosa – Cuando La Noche Es Buena *320

Speaking of up and comers, can you believe this kid is only 15!? Keep an eye on Desantarosa, I predict big things!

 jonahberry/ TRE

Dark & Stormy brings us some of his unmistakably brilliant sounds in the form of this brand new two-track EP.  The title track, Rasta House, is a dark tech bomb, with the levity of tripped out Rasta vocals.  The not-to-be overlooked B-side, Can You Feel It Coming On, is a banging new tech masterpiece that brings flavors of 303/Hotfingers, Made to Play, Toolroom Records and Juggernauts of the like to a simmer, then adds a pinch of underground.

Pick up the EP here [Purchase Link]


Can You Feel It Coming On? ( TECH HOUSE )- OUT ON BEATPORT SEP 29th by DARK & STORMY

Much Love,

It’s finally here! Dark & Stormy‘s newest mix has been released and just in time to catch the end of summer! Recently, John Marabito has been creating a massive amount of buzz in the Eastern US after the release of his monster EP, Here Comes Another One and he is stirring things up once again with his new End Of Summer Mix. Savor the end to this glorious summer with a blend of dark techno and groovy tech-house swings and grab this while it’s still hot out!

Dark & Stormy – End of Summer Mix

1. Mooshu, Dan-Ce – Hua Wei (Original Mix)
2. Mozaic – Klaude (Original Mix)
3. Tamere – Schwing Ding (Original Mix)
4. Oscar De Rivera & Ismael Rivas – Electronic Jungle Original Mix
5. Steve Lawler-21st Century Ketchup
6. Hulk – Steve Lawler’s Idiosyncratic Remix
7. Hollen – Bettino (Original Mix)
8. Crowdkillers – How About This (James Dutton Remix
9. Dark & Stormy-Yo Soy Sexy
10. DJ Sneak – My Love (Ramon Tapia Remix)
11. Luthier – Chicas Latinas (Original Mix)
12. Stereo Junk – In & Out (Original Mix)
13. Ismael Dewler – Give U Love (Guille Placencia Remix)
14. Hermanez – Chicago In Mind (2011 Mix)
15. Hauswerks & Pete Gooding – Push the feeling on booty
16. Gyngo (Slicerboys Remix)
17. Dark & Stormy – Uack
18. Hauswerks- Clockwerk – Original Mix
19. Booka Shade – Sweet Lies (Matthias Tanzmann Remix)

Much Love,