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Surprise! We thought it had been too long since we had a Free Willy Wednesday, so we’re popping back up to give you another free tune from our friend Willy Joy!

Willy teams up with fellow Chicago-ans Team Bayside High for this bonkers remix of the classic Basement Jaxx tune “Where’s Your Head At”. Easily the heaviest sounds either one has put out in recent memory, this is definitely for peak time only! At 75 BPM, the tune flips into a couple different styles but keeps the elephant-sized bass pumping throughout. Willy missed you guys and we hope you missed him! Stay tuned, more free music to come…

Free Willy Wednesdays are back for 2013! Willy Joy and Gotta Dance Dirty are starting your year off right by giving you a brand new exclusive tune from Willy every Wednesday in January… for free!

This week, Willy gives you a collaboration he did with another top notch Chicago group, Team Bayside High. The song is called “Hands Up” and that’s exactly what should happen when you play it – 100% pure party tune here! The good vibes are running strong, this is one to just groove out and party your ass off to. Straightforward is sometimes the best!