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I spent a long eight years living in New Jersey, and to be honest I expected very little to come out of the Garden State as far as talented and forward-thinking dance artists were concerned. Only just this year, I’m starting to think I was wrong. Enter Jaw Jam, a NJ residing young producer. With intelligent synths and basslines, Jaw Jam has carved a clever little sound that fits well with the San Francisco label Symbols.

The No Sleep EP features three tracks that while skittering across different sounds and influences still maintain a coherence and uniqueness. The title track sounds oddly as if a 1920’s pre-“talkie” tune was revamped for the new millenium, ‘Can’t Recall’ carries an infectiously simple house vibe right into my favorite track of the EP, ‘Long Night’. The synths and calculated bassline on ‘Long Night’ will stick to your ribs and keep you bouncing, which is exactly what you want with a simple beat-based record.

The EP comes out on Symbols Recordings next Tuesday, July 2nd, but you can stream it below. You can find a free DL of ‘Long Night’ if you roam the interwebs a bit 😉

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Last week I got to quickly catch up with one of my newest favorite people to share a LOL with, Petey from North Carolina duo Clicks & Whistles. I first discovered Clicks & Whistles when AC Slater intro’d me to their EP that was to be released on his label Party Like Us… since then I’ve grown to have a large appreciation for the Clicks & Whistles sound, a sort of Southern-influenced intelligent interpretation of dance music. From tracks like “Fumando” (on Salva’s Frite Nite imprint) to “2 Much Higher” (on Kastle’s Symbols), Clicks & Whistles combine engineering prowess with Dirty South background to anthemic and danceable effect.

What I enjoy most about Petey is his infectious charisma that flows seamlessly from his DJ sets to his personality. Whenever he’s around the air is light-hearted which is a great asset to have. To be quite honest I had completely forgotten my sheet of questions so most of this is a bit willy nilly and was oft-interjected by 12th Planet and Protohype interjecting with a question or noise… but even so Petey and I handled it like absolute pro’s and shared many a LOL which is sort of the point, so here we go:

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It’s a well-known fact around here that Symbols is on fire at the moment. In addition to Kastle’s debut album that was just released, the flow of quality releases from the imprint is extremely impressive, and the forthcoming collaborative EP from the UK’s iO Sounds and Lakosa is no exception. Featuring deep vocals from Riya, the title track “Mindgames” pumps out sophisticated percussion that carries on throughout the other two original productions on the release, “Absense” and “Ruff.” Topping off the EP are two solid remixes of “Mindgames” from Bobby Tank and newcomer, Kiri. Pick it up on May 7th.

One of Brooklyn’s finest up and coming producer/DJs, Sleepyhead, is building his name around a refined deep house style that exudes a reminiscent old school vibe. In addition to his strongly emotional Endless Island EP out on Symbols Recordings, he has created a number of other forward-thinking tracks that only serve to strengthen his distinctive brand of dance music. Enjoy an hour of Sleepyhead’s groovy, hand-picked selections that maintain his inimitable style. Catch him live tonight in New York at Broke City 28!

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The second single from Kastle‘s highly anticipated debut album comes in the form of “Make You Stay” — a half time collaboration with LA producer JMSN whom Kastle remixed last year. It’s a sexy, soft ballad, with crisp percussion, harmonic vocals, and one killer keyboard solo from big K. Pick this single up on Symbols Recordings April 9th and keep an eye out for another collab between these two on Kastle’s album.

Kastle has unveiled his most recent track set for release just in time for Miami (March 19th), and it seems like he’s been listening to a fair amount of Disclosure lately as “Red Light ft. Ayah Marar” has undisputed parallels to the UK duo’s smash hit, “Latch.” Sexy, swinging, and 100% necessary to add to your Miami playlist, “Red Light” has opened up a new door in the already impressive production toolkit of Kastle. I hope we hear more like this from the forward-thinking Symbols labelhead this spring.

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 Who is Druid Cloak?

We have another case of a rising anonymous producer that is very much as talented as he is mysterious. Druid Cloak embodies a refined unconventional style that incorporates his own brand of smooth bass, detailed percussion, atmospheric sounds, tasteful sampling, and strong, though sometimes subtle, melodies. All of these elements come together to form his distinctive vibe that aligns perfectly with Kastle‘s Symbols Recordings, the imprint that released Druid‘s debut EP, The Grove. I recommend you keep an eye on Druid Cloak as he is currently one of my favorite producers around, and he continues to maintain this standing with every release.

The Conversation

Read on about Druid’s musical background, influences, bucket list to-do’s, what’s next in his career, and of course, what he likes to drink!

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For our dear readers who’ve seen the damage caused by Hurricane Sandy last week, those who’ve suffered from it, who knew a loved one who got hit from it, or those who are simply willing to give a lending hand to those in need, we have good news for you. Our friends at Symbols Recordings and the homie Udachi have each put together their own compilations of music from their friends, with every single penny of the music sales going towards relief to those who’ve suffered major losses caused by the storm. We know Udachi’s home of Staten Island got hit pretty hard, let’s help them out shall we? A truly genius move from both parties, what better way to gather a bunch of cool exclusive tunes than to by donating a small chunk of change to people who may have lost their homes or other major financial losses due to a rampaging act of nature.

Each of these compilations contains a ton of unreleased music from both familiar and new names, and honestly the entire compliations cost less than a normal EP on iTunes or Beatport. Pretty awesome, right? You can, of course, choose to donate whatever amount you please in order to receive the music, but a minimum donation of $5 is all you really need.

You can check the tracklists of both compilations after the jump, Gotta Dance Dirty asks you to please do a small part to help those who are in need. All in the name of good music!

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