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Kavinsky is back in the US touring in support of his long-awaited debut album, OutRun, out last month on Casablanca/Republic Records, and supporting him tonight at Webster Hall in NY and tomorrow night at Lot 613 here in Los Angeles is one of GDD™’s favorite Brits, Riton. Riton has recently put together a Rerub for Croatian duo SymbolOne, who just released their Pink Elephant EP on ClubMod in late February, and ClubMod has been nice enough to let us give away his Techno take on the House-y original for free! Download below and check out Riton this weekend if you’re in NY or LA!

Wow. THis guy is a whole new slap to the face of fresh electro fun. Known for his intergalactic sounding noise, DANGER is taking the dance scene by storm with his eccentric live shows and hypnotic heavy beats. If your with me here in lala land, be sure to see DANGER share the stage with a rare Fischerspooner DJ set at CONTROL Fridays @ The Avalon (H-WOOD), tickets are $20 at the door. Mellow. For now, try DANGER on for size. mhmm.

DANGER – 00h00 (ft. Vyle)
DANGER – 14h54
Sebastien Tellier – Divine (DANGER Remix)
SymbolOne – Love Juice (DANGER Remix) (MUST HAVE)
Midnight Juggernauts – Into The Galaxy (DANGER Remix)

and a little more shameless self promotion, I cleaned up my Los Angeles VuVu… sounds a lot cleaner in bass and vocal pitch, with a couple fun inserts of a song you electro kids might recognize. Listen all the way through to see what im sprayin.

BONES – L.A. VuVu (2.0)

Another BONES Mix Coming Soon? you betchur’ ass.