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After a huge grand opening last week w/ Clockwork and Just Blaze, we continue the fall madness with another big double headliner booking for iHeartComix Sundays @ LURE. This week, we welcome a very special DJ set from Two Door Cinema Club along their North American tour. On top of that, we welcome the original genius behind Major Lazer, mister Dave Taylor aka Switch. Supporting the night will be Lights Down Low boss Sleazemore and our very own Troy Kurtz. With a new venue and a new vibe, this is sure to be one for the books! This event will reach capacity, so please RSVP and arrive before 11pm to guarantee entry.

To get on our guestlist, email RSVP@gottadancedirty.com with full names and plusses if any!
$10 before 11pm | $15 after


Duke Dumont takes UK top 40 #1 spot
Diplo sets the record straight on split with Switch
Ushuaia confirms Vath, Luciano, and Loco Dice for opening
• Danny Avila to join Hakkasan’s all-star lineup
Novation brings back Bass Station
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The folks at Epiphany Presents are putting on quite the party next Thursday, Feb. 28th at Exchange in Downtown Los Angeles, with sets from Digitalism, Switch, Classixx, Rhythm Monks, and more. With a lineup fit for a main stage and a venue perfectly apt, THE LOT will be an amazing night and we have 2 pairs of tickets to give away. Enter below through Punchtab for your chance to win! Winners will be announced next Tuesday. Buy tickets here and find more info on the event here Continue Reading

Well this should be a rager. We’ve teamed up with Hyundai‘s Re:Mixlab and Elektro Magazine for a FREE event this Saturday in Downtown Los Angeles with a festival-style lineup including Switch, Brenmar, BetaTraXx, Whiiite, Bones, and Bixel Boys. If the lineup and free entry didn’t give you some movement in the lumber yard, how about an open bar from doors until close? Yep, it’s happening.

RSVP is required for entry. Just sign up HERE and arrive early!

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Major Lazer is at the forefront of dance music genre fusion. Diplo‘s innovative style has taken influence from Dancehall, Hip Hop, and Reggae, and injected the contemporary sounds of Electro and Moombahton — creating a distinct flavor unmatched by any of his peers. Following up the 2009 debut album, Guns Don’t Kill People — Lazers Do, Switch-less Major Lazer will be releasing the sophomore album Free The Universe on November 6th via Downtown Records. The album will feature massive collaborations including Tyga, Wyclef Jean, and Flux Pavillion, as well as this first single, “Get Free,” with Amber Coffman of Dirty Projectors. This music video directed by SoMe truly illuminates the inspiration Diplo finds for his music in Jamaica — giving credit to the culture and people that influence the creed of Major Lazer.


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Good morning! Today’s stories feature Deadmau5 “Pulling Back”, Erol Alkan and Switch’s “A Sydney Jook”,  The Presets’ Next Single, and Dance Music at the Olympics. Please read on after the jump.

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SAN FRANCISCO: Goldenvoice SF is bringing you the raw, performed-live electro of The Bloody Beetroots Death Crew 77 on June 28th.  The Italian anarchy, along with Switch and Destructo, will be taking place at The Regency Ballroom. The Beetroots Death Crew 77 put on an exhilarating live show which will destroy you. Their masterful stage presence, in addition to their blasting drums and guitar shreddage, will definitely not disappoint. So bring your masks and join the party, it’ll be a night for books.

Tickets/Info here.

Goldenvoice SF Presents:

• The Bloody Beetroots Death Crew 77

• Switch

• Destructo

Regency Ballroom, San Francisco

June 28

You know the drill Los Angeles, and this Friday is one for the books. Mad Decent and Dubsided. Switch and Diplo. MAJOR. LAZER. Accompanying them on the main stage tonight will be Dim Mak’s tower of power Them Jeans, a 3 person midi controlled live set by GDD fav’s PeaceTreaty, along with ///myself and resident hero Mr. White, with an opening set by Dj N.
9-11 Dj N
11-12 PeaceTreaty (live)
12-1 Mr. White
1-2 Major Lazer
2-3:15 Them Jeans
3:15 – 5 ///BONES

Pre-Sale tix are SOLD OUT, but you can still come early and pay at the door, the first 100 people will get in for $20, and I think its $25 going up to $35 after that. EARLY ARRIVAL is HELL OF SUGGESTED.

MAJOR TUNES: To celebrate the festivities tonight, grab this new remix the lazer duo has released as part of the remix packet v. 1 from Cajmere’s classic “Percolator”. Also, a crazy ass remix of Mowgli’s “Nu Skool” by the PeaceTreaty boys.
Also, in the GDD House Party™ (aka Jerry Louis room) of the Avalon, come check out some great local talent from our friends and familia. The Jerry Louis room is located in the room to the right of the main stage, in front of the smoking patio.
930-11 Sweatpants (Guns N The Sun, CRAP Eyewear)
11-12 Kenya (Guns N The Sun, KenyaDig)
12-1 Doc P (Shifty Rhythms)

1-2 SweetFA (Metamimetic, GDD)
2-3 The KiD (Shifty Rhythms)

We’ll see ya tonight, its time for the MAYJUH LAYZAAA

(all pictures taken with my lil cam)

Aside from being a slacking blogger I still love to share the best. To to share a bite size of what my saturday night was like at the 2009 nocturnal festival, taking place in beautiful (ahem) San Bernadino, California. (It actually was great weather) With media/photo passes to myself, GDD took Nocturnal by one man storm. After the 2 hour wait on the 10/215 freeway change (and the retardation of parking at raves) I got the privilege of taking great photos onstage, and I had time to ask a couple questions to a few familiar names:
Me: What do you like most about playing in California?
RUSKO: Everything, thats why I moved out here!
Me: What? Really? You moved here?
RUSKO: Haha, Yeah man, everything for this music is in LA.
Me: You were absolutely brutal man, LA loves you – you killed it!
RUSKO: Haha thanks man, I’m a Cali-resident now, you know that!

and Dave Taylor….
Me: Do you think there is a decline of dubstep in the UK with all the thriving genres of electronic music there? Do you think maybe thats why the dubstep scene has become so popular in the states?
Switch: (Laughs) …What do you think?
Me: I think no one can stop the dubstep.
Switch: (Laughs) Well there you have it man, grab yourself a drink. (motions towards his bucket of alcoholic treasures)
Me: Is it true afrojack is suing diplo for stealing the ‘pon de floor’ riddim and giving him no credit?
Switch: I’ve actually heard about that yeah… (laughs)

Heres your dose cadets:
Murdering the dub stage at 1 in the morning, Rusko brought the bass pain we know and love, and He was a really cool guy to talk with. This jam is that pure filth.
This is a Switch mash up from his essential mix, cutting up Jayou’s ‘Crack Hands’ and Major Lazer’s ‘Keep it goin louder,’ Then dropping into the dubby King Jammy’s ‘Judgement Day.’ He was hilarious to meet and stuff like this makes him above the curve.
Laidback Luke was the best performance by far, owning the crowd by clashing his rave anthem house tracks with fresh new electro jams we all know and love. Here was the kicker though, in all its California Massive glory.
The hypnotizing of Dirty South brought the crowd into that 2am-4am trance that he loves to finish the rave tents off with, leaving you in a satisfiable coma when you hear him close with this song.


This weekend I was lucky enough to grab an interview with Fool’s Gold’s Sammy Bananas. Unless you’ve been on Mars for over the last year, you have heard his epic bootleg of N.E.R.D’s “Everybody Nose” which has been played in clubs, festivals, and my car since its release in early 2008. Sammy has also released multiple remixes over the past year that have been given high praise by the likes of Fool’s Gold kingpin A-Trak, BBC Radio 1’s Annie Mac, and DJAM. His funky, feel-good tracks are at the top of the game, and he will be gracing Los Angeles with his presence this Friday at the Avalon in Hollywood alongside Dubsided’s Switch. Without further adieu, let me introduce you to Mr. Sammy Bananas.

GDD: Thanks for taking the time to answer a few questions with us Sammy I know you are all over the place this week. Sticking to GDD tradition, what’s your usual drink order? I’ll send one your way at the Avalon on Friday…

SB: It’s funny, I actually don’t have a usual drink.  Surprise me! (but make sure it has tequila in it.)

GDD: So Sammy, you’ve been a busy man in the last couple of years; simultaneously releasing killer remixes while touring all over the globe. How do you manage your time to produce while being on the road?

SB: I’m really lucky to make enough from music to not need to hold down another job, so I actually have more time for the studio than most.  I just try to be disciplined about getting up early and working on a regular schedule when I’m home.  On the road, I actually really like working on planes.

GDD: Are we going to see that Sammy Bananas blue stamp on any new tracks any time soon?

SB: I have a new remix  that I did for Bag Raiders that’s dropping soon, and without giving away all my secrets I just turned in a remix that I’m super amped about for an artist who’s name begins with Kid.

GDD: What is it like working with A-Trak and the guys from Fool’s Gold? You guys all definitely put on some great parties together.

SB: The best thing about Fool’s Gold, aside from the music, is that it really is like a family.  Both A-trak and Nick are completely passionate about their artists, and its really great to see us all growing along with the label.  When we all get together for a showcase at CMJ, or WMC it’s bonkers since we don’t get to all be together that much and we’re all friends.  Some of those shows have been my favorites.

GDD: Being from Brooklyn and the East coast electronic music scene, do you see any differences when you come over and play here in Los Angeles?

SB: Generally it feels like LA prefers the harder side of dance music, but I really think the main difference is in mindset.  I think that people in southern california are more open to a summery, laid back lifestyle and I think that really translates into making the parties in LA more energetic.  Sometimes on the east coast things can feel a big frigid and I’ve yet to encounter that in LA.

GDD: Is New York still your favorite place to throw a party or have you found a new favorite spot on the road?

SB: I think people don’t really  talk about how hard it is to do parties in New  York.  People from the birthplace of the DJ are spoiled, and there’s always so much going on that it’s hard to make a night really pop.  When you smash it in NYC though, that’s the best feeling there is.  Otherwise I’ve had excellent times in both Madison, WI and Portland, Oregon this year.  There’s something about DJing in smaller cities that is really special, people get so excited.

GDD: How did your early music influences make you the DJ and producer you are today? I’m guessing you were open to multiple genres growing up?

SB: Yes, I grew up listening to all kinds of music, and still do. My parents were big fans of bands like Talking Heads and Paul Simon, and  I started playing the saxophone when I was 10 so Jazz had a big effect on me early on too.  In the early 90s I fell in love with R&B,  all the New Jack stuff, Boyz 2 Men, TLC and of course MJ and Prince.  I came up DJing through Hip-Hop and it was only fairly recently that I got so into dance music.  I really think my sound is heavily rooted in Hip-Hop and R&B.

GDD: I really have to commend your moustache. How long have you rocked that thing? Does it give you special powers?

SB: The mustache has been going strong for over a year now!  It’s funny, because I started it just to see what would happen, but it turned out looking kind of awesome! The main comment I get is how my face is the right shape for a mustache, which I agree with.  I have yet to discover the special power, but I’m sure it gives me one.

GDD: You’re headed back to Europe at the end of this summer. What are you most excited about being out there?

SB: Europe is great, I had a such an amazing time over there last fall.  I’d have to say I’m most excited about playing in Berlin.  I’ve heard great things and of course it’s an Electronic Music Mecca.

GDD: So tell us a little about Telephoned. How did you and Maggie get the idea to come together and collaborate on this?

SB: It all started one night when we were joking about doing a House cover of the T-Pain’s “Can’t Believe It.”  We kept coming up with ideas, but they were all actually good!  At some point we decided to stop joking around and actually make the song and it turned out great.  Maggie has a really unique voice and is great to work with, so that has helped the collaboration flourish.

GDD: Will we see Telephoned touring around before the end of the year?

SB: We are just getting started on doing a live show and hopefully will have it ready by the fall.  Around the same time we’ll be dropping an EP with two brand new covers plus the 3 that are already floating around.  Also on the horizon are Telephoned originals!

GDD: Lastly, does Sammy Bananas like to Dance Dirty? What do you say to all the kiddies that will be jammin’ on the dancefloor on Friday night?

SB: I love to Dance Dirty but I can’t stand Dirty Dancing.  I want everyone to be forewarned that I like to talk on the mic and tell the crowd to do things.  Imagine Fatman Scoop as a 130 pound nerd and you’ll get the idea.  Looking forward to it!

GDD: Thanks again for your time Sammy we really appreciate it. Can’t wait for Friday!

Here are a couple of superb remixes by the man himself: