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GDD favorite, Viceroy, has released his first single since ‘Sunny Daze,’ which quickly became this summer’s anthem, today entitled ‘No Ending’ with a heavy remix package including the likes of: Justin Faust (D.I.S.C.O. Texas), Geisha Twins (Stardust Records), and Cherub (Elm & Oak). Coming in hot, right at the end of the summer, this repetitive infectious disco anthem is sure to burn holes in the soles of your Chuck T’s.

Foreword from Viceroy:
Allow me to introduce “No Ending”. Why did I make it? I guess wanted to make a repetitive disco dance floor banger (woah thats a mouthful). Hopefully it does the trick. Also, enjoy the remixes from my buddies Justin Faust, Geisha Twins, and Cherub. Enough is enough: download “No Ending” and let summertime keep on rollin’!

Stay frothy my friends,

No Ending Plus Remixes by VICEROY