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As this summer’s festival season comes to an end, Symbiosis Gathering looks to offer its patrons something they might not have gotten at some of their more commercial counterparts. The year of the Water Snake identifies this year’s ‘gathering’ in Oakdale, California, setting the mood through some iconic serpent mythology. In some cultures a snake represents an umbilical chord, joining all humans with Mother Earth. As snakes shed their skin they bring about images of rebirth and transformation, and in Hindu mythology they come to symbolize freedom for their untamable nature. Continue Reading

Happy Friday! Today’s stories include the Tomorrowland Live Stream, Nocturnal Wonderland Lineup, new Flying Lotus Mix, EDM + Jam Bands, and the Future Classic DJs Compilation.

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After weekend one of Coachella, we were yearning for more music so we committed ourselves to a trip to the Bay Area for an excellent celebration with the electronic jam-band that is STS9. It was great to be back with the tribe of followers that they have garnered since their formation over a decade ago. After witnessing their late-night to sunrise set on the farm at Bonnaroo last year, it was certainly a different, yet equally satisfying experience. Last weekend, the beautifully decorated Fox Theater Oakland complete with the STS9 “Great Cycle Spectacles” setup on stage was ours for the taking. Read on after the jump for the full review and set list!

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STS9 will be heading to the Bay Area this weekend with shows the Fox Theater Oakland this Friday (4/20) and Saturday (4/21). After much success with their past “Great Cycle Spectacles” shows, it is set to be an excellent two-night run with plenty of aesthetically pleasing lights and visuals. As if that wasn’t enough, they are bringing Nosaj Thing for their support on Friday, and also MiM0SA on Saturday. Join us for the festivities that will ensue in just a few days.

STS9 at the Fox Theater Oakland 4/20 + 4/21

► Dates: April 20th + 21st
► Location: The Fox Theater Oakland
► Show time: 8:00 PM
► All Ages
► Tickets/info: HERE


Get a taste of their “Great Cycle Spectacles” setup after the jump!
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