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Here for your listening pleasure is Gorgon City‘s latest production, “Here For You,” featuring that signature Gorgon thump and a garage-y bass synth line. They set the stage perfectly for an other worldly vocal performance from Welsh that brings about an air of summer versus their otherwise peak set club anthems. Available for pre-order, be sure to capture this pocket full of sunshine before the season enters full swing and be sure to bump on your way down to Indio this weekend.

After a successful night with the Sweat It Out crew for our Miami party we’re excited to announce some new music featuring two young stunnas from the Sweat fam. Frames couldn’t make it to the show himself (someone needs to hold shit down for the Sweat crew in Syd while we’re all in Miami) but he’s blessed us with the perfect summer celebration of the perfect party – Pacifique, the lead track from his 3 track EP of the same name

A huge thanks to all that came out – We’ll be seeing you again next year 100%

My love for The Bloody Beetroots has blossomed yet again. I had the opportunity to catch an unplugged set the last time they were in Hollywood, and seeing this softer side to the musicians was pretty surreal. I mean, usually you have Sir Bob and co. rippin’ and tearin’ around on stage yellin’ god knows what and rockin’ that shit like it’s still the 80′s and metal is still cool as fuck. But beneath it all are some amazingly talented musicians (no surprise here), and this track with Theophilus London really hammers that point home. Jazz, hip-hop, rock drums, back up singers, WHAT IS THIS! I don’t know, but I’m into it. Rock on.

Copenhagen’s very own KANT inserts his own feels in last years summer anthem from French production duo, Klingande and their wildly popular single, “Jubel.” At first listen it’s hard to recognize the track that marked the best of times last year, but the ripened saxophone vibes render the dormant nostalgia. A heavy wobble accompanied by a punchy bass lead echoes melodically as virtually unrecognizable vocals belt out the verse. Warner Music has the hook on the official release come May 12th, consider yourself warned!


The once mysterious, now not so mysterious, Route 94 is back on that production grind with a new release on Defected Records that follows suit to its predecessor, “My Love.” Less anthemic, but equally as club ready, “Tell You Why,” features a bassline that can hold its own on the dance floor as pitched up vocals set a sultry tone for the production. With his “Fly 4 Life” EP out soon on Defected, you can be sure to find this tune alongside other Route 94 originals at the end of this month.


Steel Drums, orchestral strings, and a punchy love driven melody decorate Breton’s newest release “Envy” in eclectic fashion for a melting pot of scrumptious musical stew. The multimedia electro-rock outfit is back in tip-top shape after escaping to Iceland in 2012 to record their debut LP at Sigur Ros’ Sundlaugin studio with a renewed energy and aura around their sound. With just a bite of their Sophomore LP War Room Stories in this pretty little ditty, it is safe to say the stage has been set for an even more monumental second go at it. Preorder the LP in digital form here, physical form here.

Kastle’s newest remix on Minds On Fire Records takes on UK’s Youan and his single “Your Trust” released on the Your Trust EP. Youan is someone Annie Mac featured in her FMM segment the other week, now this Kastle edit flips the original upside down adding a heavier lead synth and bassline that brings about more balance to the piece. Originality makes this house edit uncharacteristic of Kastle’s normal downtempo sound, but nonetheless he delivers the same fashionable vibes to get your freak on. The killer combination of Youan’s vocals shows what happens when two budding UK producers pair up to get you vibin’ on the dance floor.

Hayden James is an up and coming producer out of Sydney, Australia who has recently flown on to my radar with his single “Permission To Love.” Future Classics Records has the pleasure of debuting this as his first official single and will have Charles Murdoch and Touch Sensitive on the remix package. Its groovy guitar riffs combined with the chopping and pitching of the vocals makes for one funky record. Out today on 12” and digital, you can head over to Future Classics and spread the love.