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Crosstown Rebels present Day Zero: Year One
Anna Lunoe: “$1.45 is not a lot to pay for a song”
• Morgan Geist’s Storm Queen project and MK are set to be #1 in the UK singles chart

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Route 94 is, put simply, on fire. Elusive yet efficient, the London-based producer has been churning it out in the past couple of months, with the smash single “My Love” picking up support from all over including placement on Annie Mac’s recent compilation, as well as top remixes for Storm Queen’s “Look Right Through,” Skream’s “Rollercoaster,” and most recently, Katy B’s “5 AM.” There’s something about solid House music that trumps all else, and Route 94 has it undeniably on lock. √+

You’ve probably heard MK’s top top top vocal cut of Storm Queen’s “Look Right Through” all damn summer long as I have, but I was given a nice little treat today when I found that a producer of high personal intrigue, Lil Silva, has also thrown his hat in the remix ring of the 2010 tune. According to his Soundcloud, it would appear that this remix will appear on the November 3rd release on MoS/Defected along with the Vocal Edit from MK which should make a pretty strong package. Have a listen to Lil Silva’s groove below. √+

Morgan Geist’s Storm Queen is back with more of that proper house goodness you cherish + love.  Storm Queen is universally loved amongst the underground and deservedly so.  After the release of two instant classics, “Look Right Through” and “It Goes On“, Storm Queen returns with “Let’s Make Mistakes” and once again features some mega stylish vocals from Damon C. Scott.  “Let’s Make Mistakes” slows things down from the previous two releases and takes a stroll out of the underground (not too far) and into shinier sounding territory.  Looks like we’ve got ourselves another Storm Queen classic.

Environ #43: Storm Queen – Let’s Make Mistakes is OUT NOW!

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Nothing excites me more than knowing that, on February 10th, I will be seeing Aeroplane AND Morgan Geist (aka Storm Queen) play in LA. The city’s already buzzin’ over this one.  Aeroplane’s new remix of Storm Queen epitomizes the deep, dark sweaty warehouse vibes that they both bring to every dancefloor they take over + destroy.  It’s the kind of track that has the whole crowd dancing around with that same FUCK YEAH look on their face.  You know the one…you can actually see people mouthing the words “fuck yeah” once that dirty, rubbery bassline comes in.

Storm Queen – Look Right Through (Part I) is out today on Defected.  If a remix package that includes Aeroplane, Dimitri from Paris and Jamie Jones doesn’t thrill your pants off then you should check your pulse…you may not be alive.

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