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A few months ago, two sleep-deprived Italians named Fare Soldi showed up at my door-step. I was going out of town for a show and my manager called an hour before asking if they could crash at my apartment. Knowing that I’ll one day be in their shoes down the road, I welcomed them in. Fare Soldi makes really fun dance music, and today they’re giving away their remix of Spinstyles‘ track No Regrets, which was released today on Overthrow Music Authority. The other track on Spinstyles’ EP called Quick Flick features fellow Kansas City badboy Tech N9ne. Grab the EP here on Beatport.

Spinstyles – No Regrets (Fare Soldi Remix)

It came as no surprise to me that Spinstyles would get over 1000 downloads in under 24 hours when Mad Decent released his mixtape ‘The First 48′ on Monday. It should also come as no surprise to you that he would want to give us first dibs at his closing remix of Khaled, Drake, Rozay, and Weezy’s summer anthem ‘I’m On One’ because GDD™ has supported him from the beginning, not to mention that you know we always fancy a nice exclusive. Wait, did I mention he’s celebrating his Birthday today? HAPPY BIRTHDAY!

“The First 48″ Mad Decent X Overthrow Mixtape by SPINSTYLES


1. “The First 48″ intro
2. Spinstyles ft. Kutt Calhoun “Stop Frontin”
3. Ace Hood “Hustle Hard” Spinstyles Remix
4. YC ft. Future “Racks” Spinstyles Remix
5. Spinstyles ft. Bizzy “ILL”
6. Plies “Let’s Get It” Spinstyles Remix
7. Lil Wayne ft. Rick Ross “John” Spinstyles Remix
8. Jeezy ft. Lil Wayne “Ballin” Spinstyles Remix
9. Dj Khaled ft. Drake, Rick Ross & Lil Wayne “I’m On One” Spinstyles Remix

I’m On One (Spinstyles Remix) by SPINSTYLES

What a butt, right? Anyway, I’d like to thank you all for your feedback on the recent Dirts that we’ve been putting up in past weeks. We know you guys all love your free music, but we also want to make you all aware of great new tracks that big time artists are playing out that you may not have heard of before. Therefore, we will be keeping The Dirt to tracks available for download, zipped up tight for your bulky pleasure. In addition, we will be starting up a new Artist Chart-type feature where artists will throw us 10-15 tracks that they’re fond of. Not sure what to name it yet, so if you guys have any ideas feel free to comment below. We’d love to hear your input.

This week, Troy Kurtz and I decided to do a double-team Dirt for you guys. Each of us took a completely different take on these tunes, so don’t be surprised that his 6 have absolutely no relation to my 6. TK has used his recent trip to ATL as an inspiration, and I just felt like it was necessary to go with some of the bigger House tracks that have been in heavy rotation since last Monday. Let us know what you think! Tunes after the jump. Continue Reading

Kansas City might not be the first place you think of when it comes to hotbeds for emerging talent, but longtime native Spinstyles has been producing hundreds of good club ready tunes for the past few years, however, he keeps them all to himself. I finally got him to give away his dubstep remix of everyone’s perfect beachday anthem ‘Sunlight’ by Bag Radiers. In the upcoming months, he’ll have an EP coming out on Overthrow Music Authority. Who says Missouri doesn’t know how to party?!

Bag Raiders – Sunlight (Spinsytles Remix)

Sunlight (Spinstyles Remix) by SPINSTYLES

pic: 8mts
After seeing his remix of ‘Pon De Floor’ gather a heap of hearts on hypemachine thanks to you awesome fans, Kansas City producer/DJ Spinstyles shot back to the studio and put together another hectic dubstep rendition of Proxy‘s ‘Who Are You?’. He works in a little b-more ‘whooo! yaaaa!’ over a grinding bassline that’s sure to blow a few speakers. Please let us know in the comment box if we owe you money for said damage. (actually, we’re broke. but we heard duct tape can fix anything)

The Proxy – Who Are You? (Spinstyles Remix)

¡bonus noize!

Spinstyles – Oh Yeah —> das pahtee statuh, ya?

When you think of Kansas City, you might think of jazz, blues, and bbq, but KC ringleader Spinstyles wants to add a fury of bass to the mix. Of all the ‘Pon De Floor’ remixes floating around, I’ve yet to come across a dubstep production quite like this one. He retains the best aspects of the original track and fuses in some grimy low frequencies. He also sent along a great electro dance rendition of one of my all time fav rap songs. Keep an eye (ear) out for some big tings from the man from Kansas City.

Major Lazer – Pon De Floor (Spinstyles VIP Remix)
Spinstyles – Rip Shit Up