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Matt Hill, better known as synth composer Umberto, gives us ‘Confrontations’– a lurid album jammed with an italo-disco/soundtrack-esque mood that will make you travel into a creepy foreign landscape once your eyelids shut.

Hill’s sounds in “Confrontations” are more defined from 70’s synth pop punctuations, relatively different than his three previous and more giallo directed productions. It’s impossible not to name drop horror genre maestro Dario Argento for all the imagery in the tracks, but mix it with some flickering Giorgio Morder disco and get caught in the hypnotic road trip Umberto wants you to ride. Continue Reading

The Chemical Brothers have recently composed the score to forthcoming Saoirse Ronan thriller Hanna. Dropping next tuesday, the 20 track record ranges from the serenely mellow ‘Hanna’s Theme’ to acid infused ‘Escape Wavefold’ and the frenetic ‘Hanna vs. Marissa’. Not every track is a thumper, but that’s got to be expected from a film soundtrack, keep your eyes and ears peeled for ‘Container Park’, by far the most impressive track on the record.

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