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Never fear Bay-area dirty dancers, Dim Mak has expanded to the streets of San Francisco with Obey The Kitty, a new Wednesday night event @ VESSEL. To kick off the Halloween week, Dim Mak is proud to present LA RIOTS to the decks, along with our very own BONES. This event will sell out so jump on getting your tickets now, and make sure to get there early!


Soulwax – Miserable Girl (LA Riots Simple Edit) by LA Riots

Afrojack vs. Laidback Luke – Pokerface vs. White Knight Too (LA Riots Edit) by LA Riots

I have your mid-week GDD™ Morning Update and it is a heavy one. Today’s stories include Kaskade’s Fire & Ice, Hard Haunted Mansion 2011, Beatport & digital distribution, and Pukkelpop 2012. Read up and get in the know after the jump!

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If you missed the launch party last week @ our new downtown venue ICON, don’t worry because our VERSUS party brings you an incredible lineup this Thursday. GDD, Danceism and IntoTheAM proudly bring you the LA debut of France’s CANBLASTER, along with the drummer from Soulwax known as ONE MAN PARTY, and Potty Mouth/Fool’s Gold local hero TJR. Supporting the headlining trio will be UhOhDisco’s Goj!ra, Danceism’s Ben Oprstu and yours truly, ///BONES ready to break in the brand new venue proper. This night is gonna get massive, so we’ve extended the hours of this week’s party till 3AM.

(go to linked page and look on the RIGHT side)

ICON LA Ultra Lounge
1248 S. Figueroa St. Los Angeles CA 90015
(across the street from the Staples Center!)

Thursday June 9th
$5 beers and $7 cocktails ALL NIGHT!

TUNEAGE: To get you pumped for the festivities Thursday, One Man Party from Soulwax has compiled his “DRIVING TO WORK DJ MIX” that will have you fist pumping your windshield and/or computer screen, so dirty dance with caution!


Also, DANCEiSM’s wild child Ben Oprstu has released his new EP ‘Sprout’ absolutely for FREE. Make sure you check out ‘Tooty Flooty’, it’s my fav and it is BIG.
Sprout EP by benoprstu

pic: itwasthelight
Hope you dirty dancers had a happy holiday weekend. Unlike my fellow contributor ///BONES the Mixtape Machine, making a mixtape has always been a long, tedious process for me that typically results in clubbed baby seals*. However, this December, I publicly committed to making a full-length mix that encompassed some of my favorite songs from 2010 (along with some surprises and throwbacks that I couldn’t resist). Many long San Francisco nights and countless lunch breaks later, I proudly present my first full-length mixtape exclusively to you, the beloved readers of our humble blog. Peep the tracklist after the jump.

2010 Festivus: A Mixtape for the Rest of Us

01. Late of the Pier – Best in the Class (Soulwax Remix) [Purchase]
02. The Chemical Brothers – Swoon (Boys Noize Remix)
03. Bag Raiders – Sunlight
04. The Krays – We’re Ready When You Are (DJ Medhi Remix)
05. The Krays – We’re Ready When You Are (feat Ebony Bones)
06. Carte Blanche – Gare du Nord
07. Light Year – Sex Education
08. Autoerotique – Bubonic
09. Clockwork – Airflow (Valerna Remix)
10. The Squatters – Monster
11. Tiga – You Gonna Want Me (Hey Today Remix)
12. Mecurius FM – 1997 (Clockwork Remix)
13. Cold Blank – Shuffle
14. Congorock – Babylon (Dub)
15. PeaceTreaty – Cal State Anthem (Metropolis Remix)
16. Digitalism – Blitz
17. Digitalism – Echoes
18. Porter Robinson – Say My Name
19. Simian Mobile Disco – System
20. Retro/Grade – Moda

Don’t forget to visit our buddies at Hot Biscuits for mini-mixes from ///BONES, Troy Kurtz, and myself from earlier this year.

*Just kidding, no animals were harmed in the making of this mixtape

I think it’s pretty fair to say that Saturday’s show was stolen by Soulwax. Their 45 minute set of on point drops, dramatic pauses and domination over analog synths was quite frankly mind blowing. I’m not going to rub it in; whether you were there or not, here’s a bootleg of Saturday’s set that our good friend Burn Unit dug up for us…

Soulwax – Live at Hard Summer [08.07.10]


Survey says…. A FUN TIME WAS HAD BY ALL!
Saturdays festivities at HARD SUMMER 2010 turned out to be an overall success, with a great new outdoor venue in the LA Historic State Park. Even though the event seemed to be under-sold, it made out for an easier-to-roam experience with little or no mess of crowd congestion. The only beef I had was with the strictness of the beer garden, where they made you get a 21+ wristband, then show your ID again before you entered the garden, then after you left you had to rip it off and show them you did so that you would have to do it all over again if you wanted another drink. Whatever though, they had to be super cautious about everything given the spotlight of concern.
Everyone put on high energy sets (with the exception of Crappy Castles), with new tracks dropping left and right. The radio Soulwax crew however, took the taco. Erol Alkan, Tiga and the Techno Tuxedos themselves put on extraordinary performances, keeping arms in the air and warming the breezy summer night. Erol owned the day, Tiga dazzled the harder stage with his tech-y touch, and Soulwax despite having their set cut short due to a late start, proved to be worth it all with their raw, live magic. Caspa, Skream and Benga all provided superb bass on the harder stage during the day. I can’t complain about anyone’s set, except for the over-production put into Crystal Castles stage performance with such horrible sound. Figure that one out guys – definitely not worthy to be deemed the second headliner. But to end on a positive note, the festival went exceptionally well for only going til midnight! Cheers!
Erol Alkan and Tiga himself killed it with their crowds, look out for this monster.

Erol also dropped this new slammer, groove with it.
The Twelves pumped this early under the hot sun, great for every summer set.
Off Tim Healey’s August Mix, HARD worthy and a must have right meow.



Without further ado, Gotta Dance Dirty™ is (finally) proud to present this exclusive full-length mixtape from Los Angeles rising stars PeaceTreaty. Stay chuned for their upcoming release on Dim Mak, “Cal State Anthem” (which you can peep at the end of this mix).

• PeaceTreaty x Gotta Dance Dirty Mix 2010

01. Supabeatz – Get 2 Get (PeaceTreaty feat. Sake Bomb Heineken Remix)
02. Hot Chip – I Feel Better (CapnHarry & BHB Remix)
03. Bit Thief – Monkey Bars (Dillon Francis Remix)
04. Kissed With a Noise – Watuppp (PeaceTreaty Remix)
05. Gooffee – Flow (PeaceTreaty Remix)
06. Soulwax – E Talking (Faisal Remix)
07. Yolanda Be Cool & Dcup – We No Speak Americano
08. Dem Slackers – Let’s Go (PeaceTreaty Remix)
09. Moby – Study War (Savage Skulls Remix)
10. Hardwell & Funkadelic – Girl Get Down (PeaceTreaty Remix)
11. Stereothieves – Bazooka! (feat. A Girl & A Gun)
12. Audiopilot – Jungle Fever
13. Fatboy Slim & Herve – Machines Can Do the Work (Action Man Acid Flash Mix)
14. Micky Slim – Wow (Luvstuff Remix)
15. Kraymer & R!M!E – Oh So! (PeaceTreaty Remix)
16. Brodinski – Arnold Classics (Tony Senghore Staggering & Daggering Remix)
17. Hot Pink Delorean – Court Jester (PeaceTreaty Remix)
18. Zombies For Money – Sacanagem
19. Spencer and Hill – Back2Back (PeaceTreaty Remix)
20. Axwell – Nothing But Love 4 You
21. Hostage – Loft In Bass
22. PeaceTreaty – Cal State Anthem (feat. Kissed With a Noise)

Wassup dirty dancers?! After a pretty nutty weekend, here are some fist-pumping new jams from all corners of the globe to start your week afresh. First up, Miles Sherman an LA-based New Yorker playing under the guise of Avedon has just dropped a storming remix of Soul II Soul classic ‘Back To Life’. I’ve never really bought into the Dutch House thing, but with more tracks like this, I’d be willing to change my stance. Big builds and 90s nostalgia meets some Bart Bmore-esque synths. Banging tune:

Soulwax‘s longtime support act Paul Chambers is dropping his ‘Yeah, Techno!’ EP this week on Erol Alkan‘s Phantasy label, featuring b-sides from Soulwax and Beataucue. Soulwax provide the standout remix on the EP, the Belgians laying down their trademark heavy synths over an already heavy-ish track.
• Paul Chambers – Yeah, Techno! (Soulwax mix) (link removed by request)

From one banger to the next: In April, Herve announced via twitter that he and Norman Cook aka Fatboy Slim were planning a collab, the result of which is set for release in two parts via Cook’s legendary Skint label. The EP entitled ‘Machines Can Do The Work’ will feature remixes from Herve under his pseudonym Action Man, as well as Joris Voorn, Modeselektor and Reset!.
You can get your mits on the full first half of the EP via Beatport.

Moving on to something a little more mellow…
Originally from Zimbabwe and now residing in Hackney, North-East London, Tinashe has been kicking up a lot of heat with his shows in and around London lately, pushing a soulful disco and afrobeat sound. Tinashe’s ‘Zambezi’ EP is set to drop at the end of June via Mango Recordings and the label were kind enough to send over MJ Cole‘s fresh new remix of Tinashe’s forthcoming single:

Dubwise, I’ve been bigging up Breakage for some time now, and this latest effort fails to disappoint; transforming R&B songstress Melanie Fiona‘s ‘It Kills Me’ into one of the most catchy UK Garage tracks I’ve heard in 2010.

This is how long it took me to put together HARD Halloween post-event coverage. This weekend took it out of me like WHOA. But never the less, HARD delivered a solid 2 days that was well controlled, great sound, and plenty of great merch! Beer Garden coulda been a little better though, and They shoulda had someone bigger inside friday because the main stage outdoors was a landslide. But Im not complaining, I had a fucking FANTASTIC time. and for those who went saturday? You Lucky dogs, got to see the headliners friday perform as the special guests! Sheesshhh. Here’s what happened Friday night…

The Bloody Beetroots got the crowd going insane. This Video is by far the best quality sound & video of the beetroots intro, thanks cigarick! Sounds like it may be a remix they did of their own track! Sounded fucking amazing live.

Deadmau5 was the most anticipated of the night, and after the weekend his set has been argued over being crap or being gold. Either way I always have an awesome time seeing his performance as he brings alot more than his tunes. Check out this video, the sounds pretty MEH but the intro visuals are fucking ridic. YES, he makes all his own visuals. And the Dragonball Z quote before FML drops was pretty sick live. ITS OVER 9000!!!!

Deadmau5 drops all the fav’s from his new album Lack Of A Better Name – if you dont have it yet, your kwazy. The entire album flows right into each song, like a live set would, and goes from electro powerhouse into ravey fidget and then finally into his hypnotising progressive/house/trance that we all fall victim to at the end of his sets. Well worth the purchase – GET IT NOW ON BEATPORT!
Speaking of Great Visuals, 2manydjs had a great set with a RADIO SOULWAX theme, djing theyre favorite tracks while the album artwork of each song mixed into each other just as well (if not better). This clip is a great part of it, go about 7:30 minutes in, where ‘Welcome to the Jungle’ goes into ‘Positif’ – I was going NUTS. The visuals are hilarious.

(picture of 2manydjs from my camera phone. unnnhhh.)
Before they’re show, I got a few questions in with 2manydjs, Stephen and Dave Dewaele, the brothers also known for their godfather-like electronic band known as Soulwax. It was super hard to hear, but I got some good ones back and a few good laughs.
/// So how does it feel to be back in LA again at the HARD festival where you guys destroyed last year?
Dave: it’s always a treat being back in Los Angeles, the fans here know more of our music then we thought possible, you would almost think they would be european (laughs)
/// (laughs) I know right.

Stef: We dont get to come as much as we would like to, but it’s hard when the demand for our music is so much more where were from. LA is great but the festivals back home are like a factory for this music.
/// You dont have to tell me haha, Its always ridiculous seeing festival lineups. You guys have been playing alot this year as 2manydjs, is it something you guys would rather do when your not producing? or do you guys miss the full blown Soulwax tours?

Dave: We get to do a little of both no matter what, it’s up to us but we are also producing all the time. The hard part is being happy with new songs to play (laughs), but, we always have fun no matter how we perform. Tonight will be exciting.
Stef: We want to bring Radio Soulwax to the States though, it’ll take a little more time but it’s definitely been talked about. They’re s much talent here as well that we like it only seems right We do it for the fun and the love. Money is no concern.
/// (draw drops) Umm. Yeah. That needs to happen. So when you guys DJ together, why is it that its been said that you move like sin and cosin? (I begin to do the inward and outward pelvic motions explained in their Part Of The Weekend Never Dies Documentary)

Both: (laughing hysterically)
Stef: We don’t here the end of that.
Dave: We just get excited, thats all. Music moves you and we do it that way.
/// Of course, no problem at all (laughs) ….So can we expect to see you guys back again soon? perhaps with the whole band?

Dave: We can’t really say, but we have a lot planned for next year, so who knows what will happen. Los Angeles is always a great time so I cant say no.
Stef: Yeah, much to do, but last year was great and we hope LA wants us back!
/// Ummmm dont worry, thats not an issue. I– I mean, We do. Yes. WE do.

Both: (laughs)
/// Thanks so much guys, from all of us at Gotta Dance Dirty, we wish you guys continued success and I can’t wait to see you guys tear it up.
Stef: we’ll sure try to.
Dave: (laughs) thank you dance dirty blog! Now get out there! (points to the crowds)
/// (laughs and smiles) ahhhh yessss!

….and a fun time was had by all!


Wolfgang Gartner vs Fake Blood – Flashback to Mars (Denzal Park Mash Up)

Fear not readers; I wouldn’t stick you with a cheesy blend of “Flashback” and “Mars” forced together, but a real treat from duo Denzal Park, featuring Kam Denny from Vandalism. Borrowing those jock jam baseball organs from Fake Blood, this mashup turns “Flashback” into a real ass shaker, you know, if you’re into that sort of thing.
This and “Flat Cold Medina” are my favorites from “The Mash Up Machine”.