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The Knocks are on fire. Their newest single ft. Connie Mitchell of Sneaky Sound System is an electro pop hit we’re dying to see live. Filled with infectious hooks, driving basslines, and of course Connie’s signature sexy vocals, we’re quite mesmerized. Out February 18th on Neon Gold Records.

Science Sundays Novocain

Novocain. Or is it Novocaine? Or Allocaine? Or if you’re Frank Ocean… Novacane? Technically, all wrong. Ubiquitous under the trade name Novocain, procaine is something more or less we’ve all likely had anencounter with over our lives. An alkaloid pharmaceutical used as a local anesthetic (big words, for your health), procaine is synonymous in our minds for dulling pain… and for good reason. By blocking sodium channels into the cell, Novocain is frequently used in minor surgeries and dental work as a way of numbing pain sensations in a small area.

There’s definitely something perplexing about local anesthetics. The paradox of knowing something painful is happening, but feeling it in a different way. Dull, blunt, and softened, like someone is punching you through a pillow. The odd sensation of feeling numb but completely alert at the same time. Behind the jump you’ll find a selection of songs derivative of every direction I could take Novocain in. Blunted songs, songs that feel as though the edge or aggression has been taken off, songs that make YOU take the edge off, ones that make you conscious of their presence in a different way. Get numb.

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Remember this one from many Magic Tapes ago?  Bet your ass you do.  It was part of what many call their favorite all time Magic Tape, The Magician’s Magic Tape Eighteen.  The Magish started things off in the best possible way with “Running Back to You” by Perseus and then kicked things into gear with tracks like “At Night” by Chris Malinchak, “Dirty Talk” by Oliver, an unnamed Gigamesh demo (which turned out to be “Your Body”) and this fantastic remix of Sneaky Sound System’s “Friends” by our boy Felix, aka Plastic Plates.  Killer Magic Tape.  Mr. Plastic Plates decided to do the world a solid and upload the track onto his SoundCloud.  Enjoy that deep boogie…

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We’re very pleased to have teamed up with Yooj for our first artist GDD™ SPOTHEADS.  You’ll recall our recent Yooj Exclusives we put up for download, check out his current pick of 14 in this Spotify playlist and stay tuned for more as his adventures and music in Berlin continue…

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DIRTY DANCERS! Go deep into the new season with my brand new Fall mix filled with bedroom bliss + dance floor delight.  Special attention goes to the back to back exclusives by MOON BOOTS and VICEROY – thank you gentlemen for hookin’ up GDD™ + me & allowing us to debut these two smokin’ hot new tracks.

aRod FallGaze 2011 by aRod | GottaDanceDirty™

• M83  – Midnight City (Christian Strobe Remix)
• Gigamesh feat. Nicole Godiva – People
• Beni feat. Mattie Safer – Someone Just Like You (VillA Remix)
• Body Language – Falling Out (Tiger & Woods Remix)
• Moon Boots – Off My Mind
• Viceroy – Unwind
• Beni feat. Nomi Ruiz – Sway
• The Magician – I Don’t Know What to Do (Fabian Remix)
• Sneaky Sound System – Big (Oliver Remix)
• The Whip – Secret Weapon (Alex Metric Remix)
• Katy B – Lights On (Gigamesh Remix)
• Fabian – This Night
• All The Lights – Chasing Colours (Plastic Plates Remix)
• Novika – Miss Mood (Hot Toddy Remix)
• Darren Hayes – Talk Talk Talk (Fred Falke Remix)
• Flight Facilities – Foreign Language (Will Saul & Tam Cooper Remix)
• Gotye feat. Kimbra – Somebody That I Used to Know (Compuphonic Remix)


Remixer of the Year 2011…who is it going to be?  In 2008, Fred Falke duked it out with The Twelves.  In 2009, it was Lifelike versus Grum.  In 2010, Aeroplane and GLOVES battled for the crown.  And now, two-thirds of the way through 2011, it’s anybody’s ball game.  The frontrunners for Remixers of the Year 2011 thus far are The Magician, Madeon, Plastic Plates and Gigamesh.  But let’s also not forget OliverOliver continue the superb list of remixes they’ve done (Don Diablo, Chromeo, Juan Atkins, Penguin Prison, Housse de Racket) with another fine remix of the new track “Big” by Sneaky Sound System.

At this point, the race for 2011 Remixer of the Year (I guess I should add “according to aRod”) is too tough to call.  We’ll just have to wait and see what the last few months of 2011 have in store from all these guys.  For now, enjoy another winning remix by Oliver.

Sneaky Sound System – Big (Oliver Remix) by aRod | GottaDanceDirty™


Australian duo Sneaky Sound System dropped their single “We Love” a few weeks back and the track is quickly becoming one of the most infectious dance-pop tracks of 2011.  Fellow country mates, The Aston Shuffle, up the catchy quotient with their clubbed up remix of “We Love”.  This is some SERIOUS BOOGIE, right down to the laser beam storm at 3:35.  Be on the lookout for The Aston Shuffle remix along with other remixes by Bart B More & Pleasurekraft coming soon from Modular (plus SSS’s new album, “From Here to Anywhere” coming in August).

Sneaky Sound System – We Love (Aston Shuffle Remix) by aRod | GottaDanceDirty™