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Fresh off conquering the 50-date sold-out Mothership Tour, John Dadzie aka 12th Planet has returned home to Los Angeles to host the SMOG 5 Year Anniversary event. The lineup, topped by dubstep don Skream, is massive, filled with the entire SMOG label roster as well as secret guests that are sure to make this an event for the record books.

The real treat will be a special debut screening of 12th Planet: A Documentary. Directed by creative visionary and esteemed LMU-film graduate Mollie Tarlow, the film takes you over almost 2 years of the wild ride of 12th Planet on tour and subsequently the rising emergence of dubstep in America. It also features scenes from the top music festivals across the nation and appearances by some of the biggest names in dance music.

SMOG, the dubstep record label that changed the American dubstep game (you could say even helped CREATE it), is celebrating its fifth year of existence, and it will be the birthday celebration to end all. Only five years ago, SMOG chiefs John Dadzie, Danny Johnson (head of Media Contender), and Drew Best ganged together in an effort to bring a new genre of music they felt so passionately about to the states. I think that I can speak for each of them when I say NOBODY knew that dubstep, the music few people knew about and even fewer were creating, would become what it is today. It’s been an incredibly exciting ride for everybody involved, and all along SMOG has been there shining the best light on one of the biggest rising genres in the music world today.” –  Laura D, Media Contender


*Head over to Media Contender to grab all the exclusive mixes for the SMOG 5 Year Anniversary event HERE


In just 3 days, the Rocky Mountains will have an avalanche of bass running down its slopes, all headed towards Vail, Colorado. The Snowball Music Festival will welcome a slew of musicians this weekend, but one of the most anticipated artists on the lineup is LA’s own golden boy 12th Planet. The sweeping popularity of  dubstep has found a major hub in the Mile High City, and 12th Planet has become the driving force behind the dub scene in America. Snowball Fest boasts a heavily weighted lineup of bass-driven acts, making for one hell of a wobble that will reach the front range.

12th Planet has been crushing dance floors and crowds in a warpath of tour dates, and this weekend is forecasted to be no exception. To get you on our level of excitement for the festival, we have for you an exclusive promo  of “Snack Attack,” his new track featuring Antiserum. Don’t listen to this one with the lights out. WOMP WOMP.

12th Planet & Antiserum – Snack Attack (Original Mix) √+

If that’s not enough bass for your face, get hyped on 12th Planet’s label SMOG, releasing massive tunes recently, including a huge collab with Plastician and an original from Flinch. Scope ’em out below on the Beatport player!

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For all you LA bass-heads out there, tomorrow night is the fourth anniversary of Smog. To mark the occasion, they are throwing a colossus two stage event at Lot 613 Downtown. If you’re not already familiar with Smog, they are at least partially to thank for putting dubstep on the map in Los Angeles, after being the first to host a dubstep event out here. Now with a roster that includes Kemst, 12th Planet, Emu, DLX & Pablo Hassan, they’re continuing to influence both size and sound of the West-Coast dubstep genre.

The important stuff:
Saturday 21st August from 4pm-2am @ Lot 613, 613 Imperial Street, Los Angeles, 90021
$20 door / $10 if you RSVP before midnight tonight, you can do that here, so get your skates on.
Set Times
12.50 – 2 Secret Guest <---trust me, you don’t wanna miss this one
12 – 12.50 12th Planet
11.15 – 12 Very Angry Scientist
10.30 – 11.15 Emu
9.45 – 10.30 Steady
9 – 9.45 Pablo Hassan
8.15 – 9 Pawn
7.30 – 8.15 Kelly Dean
6.45 – 7.30 Unit
6 – 6.45 Knyphy
5 – 6 Dustmite
4 – 5 Tealong

Media Contender Stage
11.30 – 1 Thee Mike B
10 – 11.30 Skeet Skeet
8.30 – 10 APX 1
7.15 – 8.30 Raiz (Acid Circus)
6.30 – 7.15 Subcode
5.15 – 6.30 Tony K
4 – 5.15 Klome


Tonight at the Echoplex, Kastle (aka B.Rich) of Palms Out Sounds is making his Los Angeles debut. Playing alongside Knyphy and LOL Boys, the show is being thrown by Smog in association with Media Contender and iHeartComix. Smog started in 2006 in an underground Irish bar in Downtown LA. Now boasting a roster that includes 12th Planet, Emu, Pablo Hassan, Pawn, and many more; the LA based dubstep label is about to celebrate it’s fourth anniversary on August 21st. But in the meantime, tomorrow night is set to be a bass heavy affair – Hold tight Echo Park.

Here’s some of Kastle’s latest tuneage to get you pumped:
From The Vault:

(exclusive GDD footage taken at beyond wonderland)

Finally, I feel like life is coming back to some state of normalcy after a hectic spring break in LA then right into the bloodbath that was WMC. Unfortunately, I’m not going to be at Coachella, but I think my body will thank me in the long run. During my three week quest through ravetown USA, its safe to say that SMOG front-man 12th Planet detonated bombs on both coasts, and did so with the track that I’m hesitantly posting (hesitantly because its pure gold and the DJ side of me is saying NO!) SMOG has also just released a sampler with Scion that features a bunch of other huge dubstep tracks for free download.

12th Planet & Juakali – Reasons (Doctor P Remix)

LA – Catch 12th Planet tomorrow night @ The Roxy w/ London’s Roska, Eprom & Eskmo. RSVP here for free entry! But get there friggin early, these Scion dubby events always get crackin mad early. – ///