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Smog City from Mollie Tarlow on Vimeo.

As a revealed double agent behind both Gotta Dance Dirty and Media Contender, it’s been a long and absolutely thrilling ride watching the world of SMOG and 12th Planet evolve over the past few years. The people behind SMOG records, the ones who joined forces simply on the basis of musical passion, have created such a stronghold and family over the past six years; a presence that is noted with every party, every MC shoutout, every EP release, and in the minds of every individual who has ever somehow crossed paths with the LA label.

I am incredibly pleased and so proud to say that after years of growth, countless shows, multitudes of interviews, and likely months worth of footage, the documentary SMOG CITY is now out for the entire world to see. Take a look into the world of both 12th Planet and the SMOG family, and I assure you after watching you will grow to love them just as much as I have. Everyone involved has been intrinsically linked with developing and building the foundation of dubstep in the United States. With an occasional misnomer and misunderstanding behind the term, the documentary builds an important understanding of the its roots and the honest and pure path that SMOG and 12th Planet have taken to develop both themselves and the bigger picture of music itself.

You can check out GDD’s interview with the directors Mollie and Adam here.