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New York-based vocalist, Alison Valentine, will be releasing her anticipated debut EP, Swimming Pool Sounds, this spring after garnering some substantial buzz over the past year with support incoming from all directions including play on BBC Radio 1 and nice words from The Fader and Nylon Magazine. In advance of the EP release, Valentine has teased the first single, “Curious,” along with this remix below from longtime GDD™ favorite, Shinichi Osawa.

While you might remember past remixes and originals from Shinichi shaking your walls with his brand of Electro-meets-Rock madness, the remix he’s put together for Valentine’s “Curious” is all vibes, with shimmering Nu Disco synths and a thick bassline that rolls on throughout while Valentine’s vocals sit neatly atop. Keep an eye out for Valentine’s EP out this spring as well as more Disco-influenced productions from Osawa!

Belgian duo, Mumbai Science, will be releasing their next single, ‘Unite,’ on Lektroluv Records next month along with remixes from Harvard Bass and Shinichi Osawa, but the guys felt the need to share some music with us to tide us over in July. They’ve revisited the early 00’s club classic, ‘Bucci Bag’ — putting the signature Mumbai Science Techno vibe on it. Bang this one out loud. Continue Reading

In the past week, I was given the privilege to have a few questions with French House DJ Alex Gopher about his upcoming 2CD release titled ‘My New Remixes’. His reworks range from artists like Shinichi Osawa, Air, and Kraftwerk, and his distinguished style shines through in each track. The digital release of the album will be March 16th, and this will be followed by Alex’s first North American tour in 10 years that will start this May. Be sure to pick up a copy on Beatport or iTunes next week when it drops and keep your eyes out for a tour date near you. Now, on to the quick six:
Gotta Dance Dirty™: First of all I just want to say thank you for taking the time for this interview I know you’re a busy man these days.
Alex Gopher: You are welcome!
GDD™: You are releasing a new double CD this month. What inspired you to choose to compile a remix album as opposed to producing originals?
AG: Well, I released a few EP’s in 2008 (Aurora vol 1&2, Belmondo EP, Handguns) which were quite successful in the clubs so after that came a lot of requests for remixes. And remixing is something I really love, and it puts less pressure on yourself than when you make your own tracks. So I did plenty of them these last two years, and it was important for me to produce a conclusion with this compilation to say, “Here is what I did musically these last two years.”
GDD™: Which remix would you say is your favorite to play in a set?
AG: The remix I did for Shinichi Osawa “Push”. I’ve played it in all my sets since I did it two years ago.
GDD™: Where do you see your sound going? Do you think that it will evolve as new sounds are invented/reinvented?
AG: My sound is very different when I do a track for clubs or for album or listening. But I’m very pleased when I do a club track that can be listened to at home. Remixes let me try new directions in my sound, things that I wouldn’t do in my own productions. It’s like a laboratory of research, afterwards I can use it in my own tracks. That’s why remixes are often really fresh & risky. After a few years of producing tracks quite noisy & distorted, I’m back to a more mellow sound, back to something more late 90’s. That’s for the production, because my DJ sets are still rough & dirty! (GDD™ approves this message)
GDD™: What festival are you most looking forward to this spring? Will you be making it out to WMC in Miami this year?
AG: No, I won’t be at WMC. We are working on the summer tour these days. As a listener, festivals are great, but as a DJ, clubs are much better!
GDD™: What artists do you listen to in your downtime?
AG: These days I’m listening to Vampire Weekend, Charlotte Gainsbourg, and Julian Casablancas. For real downtime, Nick Drake is my favorite.
GDD™: Who were your top 3 favorite artists of 2009?
GDD™: Thanks so much again for taking the time Alex. We at GDD™ definitely appreciate it and hope your release and tour go very well.
AG: Thanks a lot!
Here’s a couple low quality tracks from the album that I’ve enjoyed recently:

pic: Dirk Mai

Don’t tell my fellow editors, but I’m considering quitting the team to start my own music blog. I’ll give it an American name, but every post will be written in French using Google Translate and packed with bangers and irrelevant partypics.