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With my nice leather jacket fresh of the closet for the season, as well as more beanies than I can unapologetically admit to owning and wearing, it’s official: it’s getting cold. Now, don’t get me wrong, I’m a huge fan of fall & the things that come with it: rosy cheeks, cozy fireplaces, pumpkin or apple EVERYTHING, and so on, but there’s something I’ll always miss about the kiss of summer that kind of comes with being a california girl (damn you, Katy Perry..)

As the winter chill nips at our heels, it’s nice to reminisce about the warm days of summer, where being out in the sun inevitably leads to a happier disposition, more dance parties, and from a chemical perspective, an increase in your body’s production of eumelanin. Pretty much the stuff that your skin creates to protect your cells from getting their DNA damaged by the sunlight, since it’s pigmented a higher level of melanin would mean a darkened skin color. Viola, a tan!

Below are what I can laughably call my very own musical tanning-bed, your own little reminder of summer. Put on your favorite pool party ensemble, bust out the Jimmy Buffet Margaritaville Margarita Maker, and shake your booty to these sun-lovin, summer-drippin tunes.

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Teenage sexy-house makers Bondax are finally leaving their humble English homeland to head to the states in their first ever North American tour. It comes as no surprise that they’re headed over our direction, with tons of DJs and radio hosts upping their tunes.

With a grueling mass of 11 shows in 12 days, it’s clear that Bondax are coming with something to prove, and let me just say I am very excited to soon be able to witness the grooves. There’s a definitive surge in this sex-induced take on house music, especially with British producers, and these young chaps seem to have made a name for themselves in a short time.

They’ve also just dropped a luscious little mix for Fader which you can listen to and download below. Groovy, baby!