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The origins of Kuduro can be traced back to Angola in the 1980s when musicians blended African percussion with calypso and soca rhythms. This unique amalgam of sounds then migrated back to the Portuguese homeland after becoming so popular in the former African provinces, and since then, Buraka Som Sistema is credited with founding Progressive Kuduro, which incorporates original Kuduro elements with electronic sounds. Now on their 6th ‘Hard Ass Sessions’ compilation, the Buraka crew called upon some top producers for the next Enchufada release on July 25th including Brenmar, Cardopusher, Schlacthofbronx, and Kry Wolf. Give a listen to the latter’s below.

Kry Wolf – Picadinho Di Pedalina (Radio Edit) by enchufada

PSKuduro translates to ‘hard ass’ in Portuguese. How cool is that?