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Jacuzzi, a new 18-year-old producer out of Honolulu, Hawaii, has come through with a huge remix of Santigold’s “Disparate Youth.” As a classically trained pianist, he has been honing in his production skills over the past seven years with intricate compositions in mind. Even with his brief career thus far, it’s clear that he has garnered the attention of top players in the industry as he has been consistently called in for listening sessions at Kanye West’s Yeezus studio in Hawaii – Avex Studios – for rappers like Pusha T. In his “Disparate Youth” remix, Jacuzzi manifests his inventive hip-hop sound while drawing from his classical influences for fresh style. Check out the remix as well as his collaboration with Mr. Carmack, “Trigger,” after the jump.
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Our good friends over at Schitz Popinov have partnered with Vancouver artist, Konrad OldMoney, for the SOLAR MAXIMUS EP slated for release this Thursday the 21st. Equipped with a beautiful piano riff and tribal, drum circle-like percussion, this remix of Santigold‘s ‘God From The Machine’ is being classified as Global Bass, and I think I’d agree with their genre placement. If you’re wanting to listen to something a little exotic, intriguing, and well-produced, give this one a go and grab the free download over at the Konrad OldMoney Bandpage. Continue Reading

Having come off tremendous week of music in Miami, we return to the blogosphere with a breath of fresh tunage in every shape and size. With everything showcased from across the spectrum, WMC/MMW 2012 proved to be monumental in success and in celebration. To share the experience with our readers, Bones, Toks, and Korbz have put together a special WMC 15-track compilation for the 68th edition of the Dirt. Whether you were with us in Miami or not, take home the soundtrack to our week.

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