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As the weather inches closer to summer, disco dictator & good times engineer, Tropicool, has finely crafted yet another mixtape certain to tickle your sweetest loins from the inside out.  The funk phenomenon and sun-kissed feel-good tunes aren’t going anywhere fast, because summer is always somewhere.  Grab your frostiest mug and fill it up with the golden gooch.  The Myrts are waiting.

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“I wish every remix I did was as fun as @sam_sparro Happiness”Beni via Twitter

Beni takes the feel good vibes of the Sam Sparro original to another level on his remix of the oh-so-fantastic “Happiness”.  The re-teaming of Beni + Sam Sparro is another winning formula (first heard HERE on the Beni track “Maximus”).  This time around it’s a modern twist on a classic sound.  It’s 70s soul, 80s funk and 90s house all wrapped up into an uplifting instant classic whose message evokes self-affirmation + assurance of one’s self that despite some tough times, everything is alriiiiight & that life, indeed, is full of happiness…

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