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The rising RVCA-affiliated dance music producer/DJ, Rankin, has given us the exclusive on his exceptional debut EP, The Stagger, that is oozing with sun-kissed Southern California vibes. From jazzy liquid drum ‘n’ bass to lush mid-tempo soundscapes and smooth, deep grooves, the Newport Beach native showcases his multifaceted dexterity in production paired with his keen sense of style. Rankin‘s The Stagger EP is definitely a must-have release and is sure to be featured on playlists far and wide – just in time for Summer. Listen/download below.

Additionally, we had a chance to chat with Rankin to give you more insight into the mind behind this music. Check out the interview after the jump that includes info about The Stagger EP, how surfing has influenced his music, the growth of the Orange County dance music scene, how he wants to ride a shark, and much more.

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Orange County’s rising star delivers a GDD™ Guest Mix for listeners looking for variety in bass music

One of Orange County’s most promising producer/DJs, Rankin, was previously featured here on GDD™ in November of last year with his stellar dubstep track “Geisha Girl.” He’s back again in full force with his eclectic guest mix that exemplifies his wide-ranging music taste and versatility. In December, Rankin is set to release a brand new EP, Studio 54, and he has included the title track as the opener of his mix. Enjoy your time off for the holiday and have this guest mix serve as the soundtrack to your weekend.

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With a tenacity for success and a desire to provide the soundtrack to your weekend nights, Ryan Rankin harnesses his maturing musical tastes into quality productions with depth and passion. Hailing from Newport Beach, CA, he draws influence from a feel-good optimism that was spawned through his experiences surfing in the Pacific and his well-qualified sponsorship by RVCA, supporting him as an artist. You may remember him from this year’s Pacific Festival or from The Dirt #50 that I featured him in a couple of weeks ago. Rankin is a producer/DJ that you should definitely keep an eye out for, as he is in the infancy of his career and will undoubtedly establish himself further in dance music, especially with his own record label in the works, Slay Dem Recordings, which he is starting with his parter in crime, FUSS. He has given GDD™ an exclusive release on his brand new tune, “Geisha Girl,” and I highly recommend you download the excellent melodic dubstep that I’ve been enjoying all weekend.

Rankin – Geisha Girl

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