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I think it’s safe to say that Pretty Lights has a knack for bringing back music that is nostalgic in nature through his excellent taste and refined aural senses. To no surprise, he has done it yet again with a remix of the old SSX video game classic, Run DMC’s “It’s Tricky.” It’s great to hear how Pretty Lights has explored darker, more ominous tones in this remix, as well as his recent releases, while still maintaining the overall good vibes. The video above is from his sold-out two night run in Alpharetta, GA last month and as you can see, he has been exhausting crowds in the best way possible from East to West. Keep an eye out for a GDD™ premier & download of this remix in the coming weeks!



Weekend is just about to start for us on the West Coast and I cannot WAIT. The last few hours at the office are just like being in High School all over again, waiting for fuckin’ bell to sound. It seriously is the most painful torture there is. Here is a few songs, some old and some new to start your weekend off the right way and hit tonight with an extra bounce in your step.

Moonbotica- Men of the Future (Kris Menace Remix)
* Just an appetizer, a nice calm vibe track to help ease your way out of work mode and into your first cocktail.
Crookers Feat. Major Lazer, Leftside & Supahype- Jump up
*All it takes is that first drink to wake you up, yeah this track is something like that. Fresh off the Crookers new album
Hatiras- Spaced Invader (Malente Electro Remix) *fixed
* Nice vibe to this new remix, just like when you make your way through your 3rd or 4th round this song really gets the party to get kickin
Vandalism- Throw your hands up (Angger Dimas Remix)
* This song is for when you know the parties going and shits getting weird, everyone get yo hands up!
Run D.M.C- My Adidas (Pilotpriest Remix)
* Last but not least, gotta throw some old school into this electro groove. Get the late night kids entertained with something because we know at this point the booze cant do all the work to keep the party going

Enjoy your weekend because I know I will ( Hopefully it goes a little something like this ^^)